Supernatural Season 1-7- Review

A FEW MONTHS AGO, Jen and I sat down and got my younger sister to watch Vampire Diaries. She made a deal with us. If we watched the first episode of Sherlock and the first episode of Supernatural, she’d watch the hour equivalent of Vampire Diaries. A deal was struck, and we had an accord! Other shows aside, I didn’t like the first episode of Supernatural. Or was that the pilot? Well, anyway, we were introduced to the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean. Their mother was pinned to the ceiling, and set on fire. Whoa? And before we move on, SPOILERS ahead.

I WAS MILDLY interested in the whole thing, but it just didn’t really hook me. I felt like Dean was kind of a jerk, and was forcing his voice to be deeper, just to sound like a tough guy. Sam was all right, and the whole premise was interesting. Not sure how the whole being set on fire on the ceiling, sat with me? Sure I thought it was screwed up…but little else. Felt like it happened for sheer shock value. I guess I just didn’t like it. But, as with any series, Jenn decided to give it a try. So, while I was working on projects, Jenn would turn on Netflix and watch the show. While I listened to it in the background, I’d catch little bits here and there.

SUPERNATURAL BEGAN IN 2005 and follows the exploits of Demon Hunting brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. After their mother is barbequed, they set out to find the Demon responsible for her murder. I basically sat through the whole part of the first series, without actually watching it. I was busy, so I just listened, and before I knew it, the season was over, and season 2 had started. Season 1 didn’t catch my interest until the dad came back, and yellow eyes was introduced to the story. Before then, it just seemed like a lot of different monster hunting quests, for no reason. I didn’t really care for it.

SEASON 2 is where things started to catch my interest, a bit more. For the most part, I was still just sitting at my desk, but on occasion, I’d go over and actually watch an episode. This is about when my interest started to pique! I loved the gathering of psychics, and when Sam died and Dean sold his soul? I was ready to start watching.

SEASON 3 introduced Ruby, Dean’s countdown to hell, and the Seven Deadly Sins. The build-up to the ending and Dean’s eventual mauling by an invisible hell hound was awesome! I was hooked. I wasn’t Vampire Diaries or Doctor Who hooked, but it was something I wanted to know more about. Seriously, Dean went to Hell? How were they going to fix that! It was around this time that I asked my wife…why weren’t there any angels? I mean, there were always so many Demons, but not a mention of Angels or God? Well, I figured maybe it was something they didn’t want to touch on. But seriously, I was like Angels would be awesome!

SEASON 4 is when Supernatural kicked into overdrive, and it jumped up there as one of my favorite shows! So, Dean is pulled out of hell by a bomb blast. He finds Sam, who is sleeping with Ruby, in a new body, and is practicing his demonic powers to the point of going completely dark side. Eventually, it’s revealed that Dean was pulled out of hell by a freaking Angel! Heck yes!!! Finally, Angels! But this wasn’t just any Angel. This was Castiel, probably the coolest Angel to ever exist! Seriously, we both fell in love with Misha Collins. My wife would marry him, and I would let her! Yes, he’s that amazing. Watch the show. Become a believer!

ANYWAYS, back to season 4. It’s revealed that God has sent the Angels to stop the rise of Lucifer. Holy ****!!! There are Seals scattered throughout the world, that will release Satan if they are broken. Lilith is destroying seals, and Sam is slowly becoming Darth Vader, Force Choking Demons, Supernatural style! So bad@$$! Everything comes to a dizzying climax when Sam is inadvertently tricked by Ruby into killing Lilith, who ends up being the Final Seal. The Devil is released!

SEASON 5 is where I feel Supernatural ended. At least it should have. It’s so freaking epic! The Devil has been set free, and only combining the four rings, from each of the Horseman of the Apocalypse, could open the pit, and allow them to throw Satan back into the abyss. They need to face down War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death, all while trying to stay ahead of the Devil. There’s a writer that actually ends up being a Prophet, a Fallen, red-headed Angel, a new Demon that tortured Dean in the pit and is more powerful than Azazel, Sam is Satan’s choice for a new vessel, and then there’s the looming threat of the world’s end. DAMN! And when it all goes down, the prophet narrates the ending, Dean has a normal life, Sam is gone, Castiel is dead, and there’s a sense of closure to the whole series.

SEASON 6 was all right. After the events of season 4-5, this just couldn’t live up to the craziness of what was essentially Revelation, Supernatural style. Sam comes back, Dean leaves his lover and child and joins up with their Grandpa to go Demon Hunting. Castiel goes dark side, and in the end, opens Purgatory to become the most powerful being in the universe. There’s a war between the Angels, and Cass proclaims himself the new God. It was interesting, but couldn’t hold a candle to the Apocalypse.

SEASON 7… SIGH. Cass unknowingly releases the Leviathan from the pit, and when they explode from his body, essentially “killing him” the Leviathan are released and a new threat is born. The Leviathan are older and more powerful than any Demon, and cannot be killed by any conventional Demon Hunter means. They eat people, take over their bodies, and eventually stage a plot to turn humans into their cattle… by feeding them sucrose, and turning the human race into stupid, fat, lazy individuals, ripe for the feeding. Oh, all run as a corporate entity.

SO THE LEVIATHAN, instead of plowing through the human race, opt to go into business? They’re legendary creatures that can’t be killed, with the capability to kill and eat Angels…and they go into BUSINESS? Does this seem wrong to anyone else?! Okay, I get the whole corporation and fast food is evil thing, and putting a new twist on the enemy. Supernatural has, till now, always had bloodthirsty enemies that do nothing but bathe in blood, so it was time to shake the formula up a bit. Okay, cool.

BUT THE ISSUE I had with the Leviathan, more than anything else, is that they were so uninteresting. They weren’t that threatening. They didn’t do anything of interest. And aside from Dick, the rest was just a waste of screen time. Even Edgar, who seemed to be Dick’s right-hand man, was nothing but a joke.

BY THE TIME WE GOT through the end of season 7, we were just tired of the new enemy. I will say everything concerning Bobby had my attention, and I was sad to see him go. We haven’t started Season 8, but we plan to. Eventually. Also, it’s not on Netflix yet, so…crap.

SUPERNATURAL is a great show. From season 2-5, it is freaking amazing! My favorite character has to be Dean, but I love Castiel just as much! Sam is a great character, and Bobby was just amazing. I still think it should have ended in season 5, but we’re hoping that season 8 redeems the last two seasons.

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