Lilly Looking Through: Similar to our Book?

SO YESTERDAY, I was browsing Steam, to see if I could find a new game to write an article about.  I decided to check out the greenlit games, to see if I could possibly get a jump on a game before it’s release.  And I happened upon a game called Lilly Looking Through.  What first caught my eye was the girl and her goggles.

I DECIDED to try it out, so I picked up the demo.  It’s a beautiful game.  I struggled through the first water puzzle, and when Lilly finally picked up the goggles and the world changed?  My heart dropped.  Seriously.  I woke Jen up, to show her.

WE WERE BOTH REALLY UPSET.  Not because we think they stole our idea, no.  We don’t think that at all.  There’s no way they could have known about the idea for our story, because we’ve been developing it over the last few years, and it wasn’t published until July 20th, 2013.  Their Kickstarter was from June-August 2013.  So to be absolutely clear, I am not writing this because I think there was any plagiarizing going on.  We did not, in any way, steal the idea from them, and they most definitely did not steal it from us.

WHAT UPSET US is that we came up with the idea for The Adventures of Rel Rel because of Jen’s past with her parents.  Rel Rel is a labor of love for us.  We’ve been working on this story for a long time, and were so excited to finally get it published!  We were hoping it would be loved, and cherished by everyone else.

THE HEART OF THE STORY is about a girl, trying to get her parents attention.  Both parents are jerks, though.  We decided to use goggles because we both love steam punk, and goggles are freaking awesome!  Rel Rel’s original name was Sinny, but we changed it to Rel Rel because I have a character in my (unreleased) story that is based on my wife.  Her name is Relene.  So we decided to merge our stories together, so to speak, and renamed the character Rel Rel.

MY WIFE AND I are both artists.  We love to draw, love to use our imagination.  So we thought it would be fitting for Rel Rel to be able to see her imagination come to life through the eyes of her goggles.  You know, standard childish imagination stuff?

TO TOP THINGS OFF, Rel Rel has a doll named LILY, that comes to life when she wears the goggles.  Yikes.

GEETA GAMES, the developers behind Lilly Looking Through, came up with a similar idea, and everyone is going to love it.  It’s hard not to! The puzzles are great, the character is cute, and the art work and animation is brilliant!  They thought of our idea, and took it to a whole other level.  I do hope the game does really well.  A lot of love and effort went into it, and they deserve to have their hard work praised and shown the respect it deserves.

I AM DEFINITELY going to buy it!  The demo, as I said was brilliant, and their art direction is spectacular.  It’s definitely a worthy game to check out!

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