Lilly Developer’s Reply

SO, WHEN I FOUND OUT about Lilly, I had one of those, “oh crap” moments, “Are we going to have to scrap our idea?” Thus, I decided to write to the developers, on their website. I wanted to let them know that our work on Rel Rel was released, so when Lilly was finally out it didn’t look like we were stealing their idea. Which of course, we weren’t, as I stated in the previous blog. I also wanted to let them know that despite similar ideas, their work on Lilly was phenomenal, very different than our story and that we loved their upcoming title on Steam.

I REALLY WASN’T EXPECTING A REPLY. I figured they received a lot of mail, and mine was just going to be lost in the mix.

SCOTT, THE GAME DESIGNER, Programmer, and Creative Director of Lilly Looking Through, replied! He said that he appreciated my email, he agreed that there were similarities to Rel Rel and Lilly, but they were still very different, and unique, and how he and his wife have been working on Lilly since 2010. They decided to push forward with Kickstarter at the behest of their friends and family, and eventually, their labor of love finally began to take shape. He also said that he read my blog entry and that he appreciated the review I gave for the game! That, and that if our families lived closer, we’d probably be great friends, due to having similar interests, like creativity, story, and all!

HOW COOL IS THAT? It was so nice to hear from him! Very unexpected, but very welcome. It also helped settle my fears, and I realized that I was starting to panic for no reason. I tend to do that. Panic, I mean. Scott seems like a really nice dude, and I hope that Lilly is very successful. I hope all their hard work and effort pay off. So everyone should support them by buying a copy of Lilly when it hits Steam in November!

I ALSO CAN’T WAIT for Lilly Looking Through to release! I am itching to write a review on it, for Rebel Gaming, because the game is amazing so far! I’m also curious to see where the story goes, because from what I’ve played, it has a lot of heart and imagination, on top of looking absolutely beautiful.

SERIOUSLY, if you own a PC, you should download Steam, if you don’t have it already, and take a look at the Demo for Lilly. It’s definitely worth your time! AND, if you do have Steam, feel free to add me! Serious. I have no friends on Steam. It’s a very lonely place. Although, Jen is always playing by my side, so it isn’t so bad. And I usually don’t play with anyone I don’t know. Yeah.

ANYWHO, IN CLOSING, Scott is a very cool dude, Lilly Looking Through is going to be amazing, Geeta Games is going to do awesome things, and I worry too much. Thank you! Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!

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