Animation and Game?

SO, THERE HAVE BEEN some interesting developments, as of late. Firstly, the contest ended, as most of you may know. The show must go on. We appreciate the support we have so far, though. You know who you are! ❤

With the book published, our story is out there, and with it, we can do whatever we plan to with the characters. We still retain all the rights to the story, so we can move in any direction, we want.

NAMELY, ANIMATION. We’ve worked with some amazingly talented actresses that have brought the characters to life, wonderfully! We recorded all the lines for the book since we had intended to create an Audio Book. And I figured, instead of just audio you listen to, why not animate to the voices we’ve recorded? More on that later.

THE OTHER THING? A game. I can’t say too much since everything is just planning and talking. But, we are working with a guy who codes in Flash, and he wants to collaborate on a video game. I’ll be the creative force behind the game, and he will code, add Sound FX, and music. It hasn’t even gotten off the ground, yet. I am, at the moment, writing a brand new story, centered around the Adventures of Rel Rel. More on this later!

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