Our choice of Animation over an Audio Book

WE DECIDED TO OPT OUT of doing an audio book for a few reasons.  Things with our publisher, SynergEbooks, are going pretty slow, right now.  So, we felt that an audio book may not be the way to go.  We figured, if we were going to produce something with music, sound effects, and a fully voiced cast, why not add some animation, on top of it?

DON’T GET ME WRONG, I love the idea of an Audio Book!  Perhaps, later, or some where down the road, we will.  Just not now.  As it stands, we feel like an animated version of the story, which would be FREE and available on Youtube and Newgrounds, would get the story and our characters out a bit better.  Cause, you know?  Free stuff.  Who doesn’t love that!

SO, THERE IT IS.  Why we’ve decided to go with animation instead of an audio book.

BUT, YES!  So it’s time to get working on it.  We feel bad, because Heidi had all her lines ready and recorded a while ago.  And by awhile I mean like a month or so ago:/  Some issues happened, on our end, and then we opted for animation, which meant holding off on her voice work for even longer.  So, it’s finally time to do our part, and mix our animation with Heidi and Anna’s brilliant voice work!  Hope it comes out all right?  We’ll just have to wait and see!!!

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