Is it Rel Rel or Sinny?

SO, YOU MAY have noticed that Rel Rel also sometimes goes by the name of Sinny.  Well, that was originally her name.

JEN CAME UP WITH the story and the concept behind The Adventures of Rel Rel.  The whole thing began as a story about Sinny (a character Jen based on herself), Sinny’s doll Lily, and her imagination.  At the time, I was writing another story; been writing a novel for a few years.  There is a character in my story named Relene, which is also based on Jen.

THUS, WE DECIDED to merge the stories together, and Sinny became Rel Rel.  We use the name Sinny from age 0-10, while Rel Rel is her name from 10-13.  This is how we rationalize the two names in the story:

Sinny was Relene’s nickname when she was younger.  Relene wasn’t able to say her R or L correctly, until age 7.  So when asked her name, she introduced herself, and said, “Si, Relene.”  But what people heard was, “Si, Nyen.”  Which, if you say it fast, sounds like Synn, which eventually became the nickname Sinny.  Once she was able to say her R and L, she decided that the name Sinny was for babies!  And Relene decided on Rel Rel, because the name has twice as much Relene, and two must be better than one.  Making her two times more amazing than she already was.

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