Animation Update #2: Mother’s Voice?

OKAY, SO THE SOUNDTRACK, voices, and sound effects for the animation are all done!  Mixed and ready to go!  Anna and Heidi’s voices came together brilliantly!!!  Along with the sound effects and music, it’s very magical.

EXCEPT… we don’t have a voice for the mother?

BEAKERBONES WAS ORIGINALLY set to do the voice.  Sadly, due to life and prior engagements (like work, school, and dance) she needed to step down.  We asked a few other voice actors, but they also were unable to voice Mother, due to some other outside circumstances.  So, at the moment, this puts the animation at a stand still, unfortunately.

OTHER IDEAS were to have J.J. read the parts of Mother and Father, as a narrator, which would eliminate the need for a female voice actor.  That, or we also thought of using musical sounds, like they did in the Peanuts cartoon.  Or for those who don’t know, Charlie Brown.  You know, the wah wah wah wah, and then just add subtitles.  But it just didn’t turn out how we wanted, so we’re looking into other options.

WE ARE NOW IN the process of looking for another female voice.  Maybe even a new voice actor for father.  One that fits the tone of the Mother, correctly.  We’ll see.  We will update as things come to light.  We’d like to solve this issue, soon.  Cheers!

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