Animation Update #3: New Voices

WE’VE BEEN HOLDING vocal auditions, and they closed on November 30th, 2013!  That was yesterday.  Jen and I have been listening to all the submissions, and there have been some amazing ones!  We thank each and every talented voice actor/actress that tried out for the part of Father and Mother.

WE HAVE NARROWED it down, and have finally come to a decision!  Those selected will receive an email from us soon.  We can’t wait to reveal our choices.  It was a really difficult decision, since so many talented voice actors/actresses tried out.  Sadly, we could only use a select few.

HOWEVER, there were several others that we would like to use in later projects, due to their voices being perfect for a specific character!  The only thing is that these characters haven’t shown up, yet.  But, if this animation goes well, and we continue the story the way we plan?  We’re going to need specific character voices.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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