Animation Update #5: Audio Mixed!

IT HAS TAKEN AWHILE, but now that all the voices have been recorded, I have put the finishing touches on the audio for the 3 Flash episodes. They’re done. Well, audio wise. We’re using music by Kevin Macleod, and SFX from! It’s all coming together brilliantly! We’re really excited to see how episode 3 goes, because the audio is crazy good!

WE PLAN to start adding audio clips, from both the Audio Book and the Flash episodes, soon. Look forward to it! Heidi, Anna, John, and Karen’s voices meshed really well, as a cast, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

NOW, IT’S UP TO US to produce animation worthy of their amazing performances. At the moment, we have one person doing the entire production: Me. J.J. I can animate, but this is a huge task! It took me 2 weeks to animate 14 seconds of animation (you can watch that here), so we’ll see how long this takes.

EACH EPISODE is planned to be 4-5 minutes long!  I have started roughing out the animation for episode 1, and it is a whopping 3,410 frames!  Yikes.  And that’s at 12 frames per second.  I may seek more help, because at the rate that I animate?  It’s going to be awhile.  Either way, I’m up to the challenge.  Animation is a GO!

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