Cosplay Update #1: Lily Costume

JEN AND I WERE sitting and talking one night, and she happened to mention, “I wonder how much it would be to make a Lily Costume?” The original plan was to go out and buy the material, cut the patterns, and sew the costume ourselves! However, neither of us can sew. Well, we can sew, but not well. The line never turns out straight?

THUS, WE DECIDED TO SEE how much people would charge to create it.  We follow a large handful of cosplayers on Deviantart, since it’s something we’ve always wanted to get into. We wrote to a few that we’ve had a long standing respect for, and also decided to write to a few others on Etsy.

THE ORIGINAL INTENT for contacting these cosplayers was to create a Lily Costume, that Jen could wear around. Cause, you know? It’s fun and cool! Why not? Anyways, we received a reply from 3 cosplayers, and we can’t wait to post updates on this. Stay tuned!

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