General Update 3-3-14

Okay, so here’s an update dump for this wonderful Monday!


Everything is underway! We should start having some images ready to put on the site after next Tuesday! Rossassen is finished with her cosplay of Lily, and we can’t wait to see the photos. Also, Spellsgal has finished Jenn’s Lily Costume, which should reach us soon. And expect some updates from PaperTwilight’s Rel Rel costume, soon. So exciting!


I know there have only been a few updates on the animation, but fear not! Everything is going well. Still working on the rough animation, which is slowly fleshing itself out. There should be some tangible updates on this, soon!

Audio Book

As with the animation, this is also coming along. We’re just waiting for the final bit of audio from Elisabeth Freeman, and we will be able to get this ball rolling!

Point-and-Click Adventure Game

Unfortunately, I think this project has stalled. The Flash coder we’ve been working with has not contacted us, at all. We were supposed to get together and continue the project at the end of January/mid-February. No word, as of yet.

We have updates every MONDAY!

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