Cosplay Update #6: Thank you Rossassen!

All of the photos came out great, and we could not be happier with the results!  Rossassen took our concept of Lily, and brought every last detail to life.  We love everything about it!  She did a wonderful job!

We’ve been slow to update the Cosplay gallery with Rossassen’s Lily cosplay, since there’s a lot going on, and a lot changing for us in the next few months.  Jen has decided to go back to college, so we may be moving if everything works out!  So that means a lot of plans, saving money, figuring things out, and a lot of variables that could make or break our plans.  But, we will start adding updates to the Cosplay gallery, specifically, every Tuesday!

It was great working with her!  She kept us updated, sent us progress photos, and put a lot of time, love, and skill into every aspect of the cosplay.  We appreciate all the hard work and dedication she put into it.  Please, be sure to like her on Facebook and follow her website and Deviantart!

We update every MONDAY!

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