Audio Book Update #2: No Narrator

WE WERE ORIGINALLY working with Elizabeth Freeman on the Audio Book.  She was going to be our narrator.  Unfortunately, due to some scheduling conflicts, we will no longer be working together.  Sadly, that puts the whole project at a stand still, since the narration is the final piece needed before we can move forward with the Audio Book.

WE’RE SAD TO HAVE lost her as a voice actor.  She is brilliant!  None the less, we do hope to work with her in the future if time permits.  She has an amazing voice, and I’m sure we’ll find another character that she can lend her amazing voice to.  We look forward to it!  Hopefully, by then, she’s available to work with us.

SO, WE ARE NOW on the lookout for a new narrator.  Hoping to find another voice actor soon.  We have a few in mind already, and emails have been sent out.  We will update as the search continues.

We update every MONDAY!

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