Audio Book Update #3: New Narrator

WE’RE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that we’ve found another voice actor to fill the role of our narrator. We’ll be working with the very talented Piper Petrie! Please feel free to check out her work, and follow, like, subscribe, and all that good stuff. The script has been sent, and we will update as we hear back from her. So excited to finally have everything fall into place!

ASIDE FROM A NEW voice actor for our narrator, we’re also wondering if we should start looking for musicians to create specialized music for the Audio Book?  Music by Kevin Macleod will work fine for the animation, because for the most part, we won’t be selling it.  It’ll just be up online, on Youtube and Newgrounds, totally free to watch.

BUT, FOR THE AUDIO BOOK we plan to split it up into 3 –free-to-listen– pieces, on Youtube.  And if anyone likes it enough to purchase and support us, we’ll have a full version Audio Book for sale.  So, seeing as how we’d like to make a profit from the Audio Book, we’re not sure if using Mr. Macleod’s music will be an option.

THUS, WE’RE LOOKING into finding some people that can add a score to the Audio Book.  Well, maybe, if time, and most certainly money, permit?  If anyone can shed some light on this, we’d really appreciate it.  Cheers!

We update every MONDAY!

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