General Update 5-27-2014

UPDATES HAVE BEEN SCARCE for the past few weeks, but we’re still trekking along. We’re really busy putting things together, and I look forward to being able to reveal all of our hard work! Hopefully, it’ll be soon, because we’re really excited!

AN ANIMATION UPDATE is really overdue, so here we go! J.J. decided to redesign Niko’s original artwork for the animation, to more fit his style. The plan was to keep it identical to Niko’s original design, but J.J. found it a bit difficult to animate once he needed to shift the character beyond the 3-quarter and side view. It was difficult in the sense that he wasn’t use to the character proportions and style, and couldn’t keep the look consistent, thus it ended up looking wrong somehow?

THE END DESIGN will still reflect everything that Niko did, but it will have slight alterations, like J.J.’s sharp line work, and sketchiness. Sort of like Final Fantasy characters. Yoshitaka Amano’s original concepts are flowing, organic, and done with a vibrant array of colors, while the finished designs that make it to the game resemble the original idea, but also have a unique look that sets them apart. You know? Yes, just like that!

WE’VE SENT THE SCRIPT over to Piper, and are awaiting her lines. We essentially rewrote the book in script format, and it took way longer than we thought it would to finish it. Really glad that this was a short story and not a novel! It may take a while to hear back from Piper since the script is pretty massive. When it was all said and done, the script was a whopping 32 pages long! But, we’re excited, and can’t wait to share her finished work with the world!

THE REL REL COSPLAY by PaperTwilight is still underway, but it may be a bit later before we can show progress on it. She needed to take some time to deal with family issues and will be rescheduling her photoshoot for a later date. We will update as new information becomes available!

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