General Update #2: Lily

HERE’S AN IMAGE OF LILY’s final animation design. We’ll post up some full body artwork in the coming weeks! As for the animation, the 3 episodes will now become a 6 episode season. So, each episode, instead of being 4-5 minutes long, will now be split into 2 minute episodes, to save on animation time.

J.J. decided to adjust her look, to match the design he had for her in future installments of the story.

WE WILL TRY to post more artwork every Monday! For now, we will concentrate on Rel Rel, Lily, Mother, and Father. Every other week, we’ll post sketches, animation tests, and upcoming character artwork. So excited! Wish we could animate faster…

I THINK WE MAY have mentioned this earlier, but we want to officially say that the Rel Rel point-and-click adventure game is null. Not happening. We haven’t heard from the coder in sometime, and we don’t think we’re ever going to.

IN BETTER NEWS we’re hoping to hear from Piper soon. Can’t wait to share her work with you!

We update every MONDAY! Most of the time.

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