Audio Book Update #5: Thank You Heidi Tabing

WITH THE RELEASE of the 1st part of the Audio Book, coming up on August 15th, we’d like to thank the wonderful Voice Talent that made this possible! We originally found Heidi Tabing’s name when we were browsing a website, known as Smoke and Mirrors. At the time, we were thinking of submitting our story to them, to be read on their online program. We browsed the archive for a voice actor suited to reading our story. Heidi Tabing was one of the voice actresses we found.

WE TOOK A LOOK at her YouTube channel, to get an idea of what type of voices she could do. When Jen and I started browsing through her videos, we knew that she was perfect for the voice of Rel Rel! We contacted her, and she replied to us promptly.

IT HAS BEEN GREAT working with her! She has brought so much life to our character, and we’re happy with what she brought to Rel Rel! She hit every line with so much emotion, and added wonderful depth to the character. Aside from her amazing voice talent, she has been wonderful to work with. She read her lines perfectly, kept us up to date on her progress, and we received her lines very quickly. We look forward to working with her again in the future!

HEIDI DOES AMAZING WORK, and we wanted to thank her for taking the time to lend her voice to our story, and for being a joy to work with! We look forward to sharing her talent with you, soon! Especially in the final episode, we can’t wait to post that one!

We update every MONDAY! Most of the time.

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