Audio Book Update #6: Thank You Anna Clarkson

BEAKERBONES SHOWED US Anna’s Youtube page, and after browsing her videos, we were instantly impressed by her work.  We emailed her, asked if she would be interested, gave her a few lines to look over, and she accepted our request!  Being that she lived in town, it was easy to meet with her.  Beakerbones invited her to our little studio, and we recorded her lines!

ANNA DID AN amazing job!  It has always amazed us how some people can shift and change their voice to fit a character.  It isn’t something many can do, and Anna seemed very comfortable doing it.  She sat down, took the script, and instantly fell into Lily’s character.  She went through the lines, delivering them perfectly.

IT WAS REALLY NICE to work with Anna.  She took direction very well, put a lot of focus into the character, was very professional while recording, and delivered her lines wonderfully!  We wanted to say thank you to Anna, and let her know that we really appreciate the time she took to lend her voice to The Adventures of Rel Rel.  Anna is incredibly talented, and we look forward to hopefully working with her again!

We update every MONDAY! Most of the time.

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