Audio Book Update #7: Part One

SO, WE FINALLY uploaded the first part of the Audio Book!  What’d you think?  It’s taken a long time, but we’ve been able to bring everything together, and we hope it’s an entertaining experience.

THERE ARE A FEW things that we decided to leave out in the final version of the Audio Book.  It was originally intended to have sound effects, to give everything a bit more life.  In the end we wanted to have the imagery and sounds come from the listeners imagination.  Also, with the Flash Animation, we will be recycling the same music –and voices, but will splice them together without narration– so we felt like it’d be a bit redundant to have the Audio Book use all the same sound effects.  That way, we’d have a distinct difference between the two projects.

WE ALSO WANTED to have illustrations for each scene, creating a type of visual novel that would move and pan to the words.  However, this would have been more work, considering we will be animating the story.  So, we decided that a still image would be sufficient, since we wanted the Audio Book to be something that people could listen to, hands free, without having to watch anything.

PART TWO of the Audio Book will be out on August 29th, 2014!

We update every MONDAY! Most of the time.

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