Audio Book Update #8: Thank You John Mondelli

WE’VE FINALLY RELEASED part one of the Audio Book. We want to thank everyone for listening! With part two releasing this Friday August 29th, 2014 we would like to thank the very talented John Mondelli for lending his voice to Father. What we had originally intended was to have J.J. voice Father. However, once he tried his hand at bringing Father to life, J.J. found that his voice just wasn’t powerful enough to bring the proper edge to the character.

WE DECIDED TO POST an audition on the Voice Acting Club, looking for a voice actor to fill the position of Father, Mother, and a new Narrator. We received quite a few auditions for Father, some of which were really great!  We even kept a link on some that we think will work for characters we have planned for the future.  We listened and narrowed down the list to a single person that stood out, and really embodied what we were looking for in our character.

WHAT DREW US TO John’s voice was the presence in his line delivery.  He brought a wonderful amount of gravitas to Father, and added a certain sinister depth that we were hoping for, yet weren’t sure could be captured.  John did!  Father is meant to be cruel, and John’s voice captured the lines amazingly, and brought levels of intimidation that even surprised us.   He asked us if we thought his portrayal was a bit over the top, and if he should hold back on the delivery.  We told him it was perfect the way it was!  Absolutely brilliant.

IT WAS A JOY working with him, too!  He recorded the lines and sent them to us really quickly.  John was very professional, took direction superbly, and was able to provide lines to us with no issues, at all.  We wanted to say thank you to John for all his hard work, he did a brilliant job bringing Father to life!  He’s an amazingly talented voice actor and we do hope to work with him again in the future!  Please be sure to look up more of his work!  He also performs in a Steampunk band, known as The Cog is Dead!  They have some wonderful music, so give it a listen!

We update every MONDAY! Most of the time.

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