General Update #4: Hand of Rel

SO THERE HAS BEEN a serious lack of updates for the month of September!  On the one hand, we have a lot of projects in the works that are still underway, and on the other hand, DESTINY came out.  Yes, freaking Destiny. So yeah, take that as you will!~  One of the biggest things we need to update on is the change in the website name, and pretty much all or our social media.

WE OPTED TO CHANGE the name of the site because Tale-Tell was just too vague, and didn’t really speak to our story or what the site is even about.  Most either thought we were a fan site of Sir Poe, or that the story had something to do with the Tell Tale Heart.  We’re non of the above, so we decided on a name that would give an idea of our story in just a few words.  Thus we decided on the Hand of Rel since it’s about Rel’s imagination, and how she creates using her hands.  You know, an artist thing.  It felt appropriate somehow?

NEW ARTWORK WILL be coming out soon.  We plan to start uploading art and sketches for upcoming characters in the story.  The next installment in the saga is a long ways off, but we figured if we have artwork sitting in our PC, may as well post them?  J.J. has had character designs done for at least a year or two, and we may as well show them off.  Their designs will probably change, but we’d like to give you an idea of where the story is headed.

THE AUDIO BOOK is still underway, but the next parts have been put on hold, for the moment.  J.J. needs to redraw scenes, since the original book only had 3 illustrations.  He plans to redraw 3 brand new scenes, and those will take some time.  Also, the other reason the next parts are on hold are because we have animation shorts we plan to call…

RELPAYRelPlay is going to be a small flash series, no longer than a minute or two.  We wanted to have some fun with the character.  In short, it’ll be Rel Rel’s reaction to video games, and other things, she has interest in.  If everything goes well, the first RelPlay episode should be up on September 30th.  That is, if J.J. can animate fast enough?  Rel will be reacting to the release of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

We update weekly, most of the time! 

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