Animation Update #14: Seeking Artist Help?

WE FIRST POSTED ABOUT the idea for an animation back in October, 2013.  Since then, we’ve been messing with audio, voices, Flash puppets, style, and animation techniques.  It’s been a little over a year.  Geez that went by so fast?  Anyways, we’re a bit closer to actually finishing the animation, but then again, still so far away.  Actually no.  No we’re not.  So many technical difficulties and issues.

HAND OF REL: RELPLAY was meant to be short animation sequences, less than a minute, but the amount of detail that J.J. put into it has caused the Flash animation to chug.  And that’s WITHOUT all the color, and shadows added, yet.  Just line art.  And the animation for The Adventures of Rel Rel would be over 5 min long, each.  Yeah.  In technical terms, J.J. is trying to have the outside of the artwork strobe, like in his earlier animations.

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