Lost Mirror: Bad Ending?

OUR BOOK The Adventures of Rel Rel: Lost Mirror has been out for well over a year now.  The Audio Book was just released on Youtube, and through it we hope to reach a wider audience.  Since its release, there has been a question that more than a few people have brought up to us: the nature of the ending.

LOST MIRROR WAS PUBLISHED as a Children’s book because of its short length, but has since been changed to a Short Story.  In either case, the story follows the tale of Rel Rel as she searches for a powder compact that she lost.  The story has a doll that can speak, goggles that allow her imagination to come to life, and a mirror that can grant wishes.  The story is set up as a fantasy adventure, seen through the eyes of a young girl.

IN THE END SEVERAL OF READERS felt like the ending didn’t live up to the overall promise and were let down.  To those that didn’t enjoy it, we apologize.  To those that did, we appreciate it.  I decided to end it this way for several reasons.


Most stories have a happy ending, so I wanted to write a short, one off story where the character didn’t get what they want.   As for Rel’s relationship with her parents, sometimes, no matter what issues you have with your mother and father, you never really resolve them.  Some people never do.  It’s sad, but true.  The moral of the story was kind of: listen and don’t be a jerk to your kids:P  I hoped that, at least, when the story was done, it made you think.  A lot of stories have happy endings, and they’re told better than anything I could write.


The Adventures of Rel Rel: Lost Mirror was meant to be a short story.  In the beginning it was just going to end.  The idea was originally Jen’s.  The premise for her story was “a girl that has issues with her parents, that has an active imagination”.  Jen based the character, originally named Sinny, on herself.  Sinny had black hair –purple bangs– and an imaginary friend named Lily.  I took the basic idea, and expanded upon it.

At the time, I was (and still am) working on a novel.  In my novel there’s a girl, based on Jen, that has black hair and purple bangs, named Rel Rel.  Jen and I made the two characters up at different times, before we met each other.  So, I thought it’d be cool if they were the same character.  After initially writing Lost Mirror as a single, stand alone story, I eventually decided that Jen’s story would be the catalyst for the events of my own book.


Thus, The Adventures of Rel Rel: Lost Mirror is the starting point for an even bigger story, which is why it may feel incomplete, or that it kind of just ended abruptly.  Then again, it was meant to just end that way… so uh?  Yeah.  The plan has always been to have the wish open a portal to Lily’s world, and Rel Rel falls into it with no way to get home.  Lily’s world is of course the world that I created.  There are 5 races in Lily’s worlds, hence the different clothing/transformations in our Dress Up Game.  We’ve already started adding images from what’s to come.  Also, Lily lied.

NOT SURE IF THAT ANSWERS everything, or makes the ending anymore satisfying, but I felt like it’d be nice if I gave some of the reasoning behind it.  If anything, I hope that it was informative.  Hope you have a wonderful New Year!  We’ll start updating with more work, on a more frequent schedule.  See you in 2015.  Take care, cheers!


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