Fiona Frightening Similarities?

THERE’S A GAME coming out soon, made by Azurous Studios and Alexander Tansely. It looks pretty sweet! It’s an action platformer in the same vein as Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter. I’ve been following this game since its announcement because Heidi Tabing (the Voice Actress that voiced Rel Rel) is the voice of Fiona, the main character in the game.

I’VE BEEN FOLLOWING this game very closely for other reasons. Coincidentally, I’ve been concepting my novel for awhile and have brainstormed some ideas similar to those in Fiona Freighting. Whoa? I want to make it clear that they didn’t plagiarized anything from me, and I didn’t plagiarize anything from them. It’s impossible since their campaign started on Jan 8th and closed on Jan 28, 2014. I came up with mine around 2012, but the only thing I’ve released were dress up games.

IT’S JUST A COINCIDENCE. Like they say, when you think you’ve come up with a unique idea, two people are already thinking about it, and one person has already made it. There are no unique ideas… Or something like that? We had a similar thing happen with Lilly: Looking Through.

SO, IN MY STORY Rel Rel makes a wish on a mirror (which takes place at the end of The Adventures of Rel Rel) and the wish opens a portal into another world. Lily’s world, the Muse Realm. In that world are five races: Writers, Artists, Musicians, Chefs, and Creators. I posted a Dress Up Game with her transformations on October 5th, 2013.

IN FIONA FRIGHTENING Fiona combines with monsters and uses Monsdresses that give her new and unique powers. It’s really cool! The difference is that Rel Rel, while she gains the abilities of the Writers (and other races) doesn’t use the powers very much. It’s more a means of blending into the world. Rel also just puts the clothes on and transforms. Now, while she does gain their abilities, it isn’t the heart of the story.

REL REL’S FAVORITE form in the story is the Chef’s Beast Uniform. In it, she has a lot of bandages, and can grab things with them. Very similar to Fiona Frightning’s Mummy Monsdress, but in this form Rel runs on all fours, can smell really well (Chef right?), and eats things. Also, there’s a Musician in my book, named Chevalier, with high shoulders and a low head, similar to the Boogie Man design, which I’ll get to in a bit. Once again, not that similar, but it did cross my mind when I saw the artwork.

IN MY NOVEL Rel Rel is stuck in Lily’s world and is searching for a book, in the Writers’ world library, that can rewrite heaven and earth. It’s the only way that she can get back home. In Fiona Frightening the Boogie Man is using a book to rewrite his ending, in order to give the villains victory. Once again, a very cool concept! And very different.

THEY RECENTLY RELEASED their design for the Boogie Man. It’s freaking awesome! The one thing that stood out, aside from making me think of Chevalier, was the multiple arms. I’ve planned to have ancient knights that have multiple arms. However, my idea came from General Grievous, Hsien Ko from Darkstalkers, and a sketch of Elize (from Shining Force III) with arms in a backpack. My knights can’t shape shift, they just have a lot of arms. But they do transform, shoot fireballs, and speed around. The Boogie Man can shape shift, making him so much cooler!

THERE ARE SIMILAR IDEAS but in the end they’re totally different stories. Azurous Studios and Alexander Tansely are far more organized than I am. I write on the fly, and I don’t have a deadline. I’m just writing a story that may or may never see publication. They’ll bring Fiona Frightening out way before I finish my novel, but I just wanted to create this post to let my readers know that I didn’t steal anything from them, and they didn’t steal anything from me.

WHAT AZUROUS STUDIOS has done with the Monsdresses, the Boogieman, and everything else is brilliant! I love the artwork, and the creative team behind the game are awesome. So much imagination, I love it! I look forward to when the game comes out, cause it looks like it’s going to be fun. I also write for Metal Arcade and Gameluster, so it is right up my alley!

This just proves to me that I need to get this book done! Follow the rest of my writing journey blog posts on my website:

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