Writing Journey #6: Reading Every Book

I RECENTLY DECIDED that instead of going online, I could be using my time to create and do other things. I also realized that it’s been way too long since I read and finished a book. And that’s not good. At all! So, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to go back to a time when I sat reading a good book.

WITH THIS REVELATION I also thought it’d be interesting, and a pretty cool challenge, to read every single book on my shelf. Every. Single. Book. Thank goodness my shelf isn’t that big, otherwise, this would be an impossible challenge! Well, not impossible of course but it’d take me a heck of a lot longer than I first planned.

ALTHOUGH MY SHELF isn’t that big, there are still quite a few books that I have never read. Or even opened. Which is a shame. They’re just books I bought, was interested in, but then got distracted by life and in the end, just abandoned them for something else altogether. I’m wagering it was the internet. Probably. More than likely?

 I STARTED OUT with the Collected Tales of E.M. Forester. It was a gift from my younger sister, that I got a while ago. I started it, enjoyed it, but like I said I got distracted and it sat collecting dust. I decided to pick it up first since it was a gift, and it’s been something I’ve been meaning to go back and finish. I finally finished reading through the whole thing earlier this month! I have to say that it was a damn good read!

MOST NOTABLY, the Machine Stops. It gave me chills reading it! It was so good. The parallels between the world Forester created and the way that we view technology was brilliant. And this story was written in 1909! I can easily see our society going down this road, and I for one agree with the message of the book. At least the message that I got? Which is that we rely on technology too much, and there may come a point when it becomes an all-consuming thing that we cannot separate ourselves from. To the point that even human interaction becomes irrelevant, even shunned. I’m seeing it now with the overuse of cell phones, texting, and Facebook. I mean, some people get together, go to the movies, and all they do is text, with little interaction. Sad, really. But this is probably a rant for another time.

NOW THAT I HAVE The Collected Tales of E.M. Forster under my belt, I’ve moved onto to Perfume and the Harry Potter series. Slowly, but surely, I’m making my way through all the books on my shelf! Let’s see if I actually succeed? After all of this, I really hope my writing journey ends with lots of finished books, and perhaps a lot more writing?

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