Welp, Website was Hacked…

OH, WELL THIS SUCKS. I’ve been having files on the website frequently changed. Out of nowhere. I have a plugin that tells me when my website has been accessed, and when files have been changed. And it’s been accessed, with file changes, every morning for the past week! And it wasn’t just a few files. No. There was a long list of files that had been changed and files that had been deleted. Like history, among other things.

I ASKED MY HOST, iPage, for help, and they haven’t been able to do anything. Which is very disappointing. They just told me that I needed to contact the people over at WordPress for help. And WordPress told me to talk to my host, iPage.

I THINK IT’S TIME I parted ways with iPage. They’ve been a good host for the past few years, but I am always coming up against some technical issues. I usually get the runaround, and then it takes a while before anything gets done. It’s frustrating. Sometimes the site goes down, and nothing is done till I contact them. They’re a pretty good hosting site, but not all that reliable.

IT’S JUST BEEN A LOT of back and forth. It upsets me because I’ve had so much time and effort poured into this website. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars, too. Since I can’t get any technical help from iPage, I’ve decided to shut the site down until further notice. I don’t want any of my files compromised. I think I’ll wait and transfer my website to a new domain hosting site when I have the money to do so. Eh, this sucks. So yeah, I’ll be active on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. But until then, take care all. Goodbye.

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