Writing Journey #7- Joining Frederator

SO AT THE END of 2015, in September, I ended up joining the Channel Frederator Network.  It’s a Youtube Network with a lot of artists, animators, voice actors, among other Youtubers devoted to something in the realm of animation.

I STARTED OFF 2015 creating my Writing Journey posts.  It was a start to writing my book, and it was going all right.  I was creating languages, creating new names, and revamping the story.  I was on the road to finishing!

JOINING FREDERATOR changed that.  I started trying to create a Youtube channel devoted to Speed Drawings and Animation.  Over the course off the last year or so, I’ve been trying to bring the story of Rel Rel out, but in a more visual medium.

HOWEVER, in this time, I learned that I am slow at animating.  As much as I wanted to bring Rel’s tale to a more visual medium, I just couldn’t create it fast enough.  There’s a reason why movies and cartoons have an endless list of credits.  And alone, even if I could animate as fast as I could, it would take me years to finish the story.  Still, I always found myself going back and trying my hand at animation.

I DON’T REGRET JOINING the Frederator Network.  I mean, I joined at the end of 2015, and it is now the beginning of 2017.  And I’m only now starting my writing journey all over again.  But I made some pretty neat animations, and have done some cool Speed Drawings while honing my artistic sensibilities at the same time.  I’ve  also met a lot of really talented and cool friends (Skipperwing, Jcomx, Nabbible Jr., Christopher Wade, Sickaah, Ben the Looney, Pumpkin Spiced Paige, Darkmane The Werewolf) on the Network, so it has been a worthwhile investment.

WHAT JOINING FREDERATOR has done is focus my efforts on Hand of Rel.  With all the work, Speed Drawings, Animations, and time I put into my Youtube channel over the past 2 years, I’ve honed in on what I want.

DURING THE LAST FEW months of 2016, I started writing a new book in the series that I had planned.  The original idea was to bridge my story The Adventures of Rel Rel: Lost Mirror (where Rel finds a mirror and makes a wish at 13) with animated shorts.  Then start my novel 3 years later, when Rel is 16.  She’s already lost in the Muse Realm.

BUT, AS I WORKED ON YOUTUBE, I realized that there was a large piece of the story missing.  Ideally, how she ended up in the Muse Realm, and how she learned to adapt to it.  Like I said, this was what I was going to focus on for Youtube.  Then, I decided to write it down anyways since I can write a lot faster than I could ever animate.

AS OF NEW YEARS EVE 2016 I am only a few chapters away from writing what I will call Hand of Rel: Muse Realm, for now.  I’ve been writing more than I have in the last few years, and I gotta say that I am very happy with the direction I am going!

ODDLY ENOUGH what also happened during this time (and prompted me to write more) was that we couldn’t afford to pay for Adobe Creative Suite, anymore.  So I lost access to Flash, Photoshop, Premier, and the rest of the programs I rely so heavily on to create my videos.  I also learned that I rely too much on Flash’s smooth feature, and I cannot control the pressure sensitivity in any other program.

THUS, I STARTED WRITING MORE.  I have other projects in the works.  I’m working with Heidi Tabing and my brother, Niko, on what might be one of the final animated videos that I will do for the Hand of Rel channel, for awhile.  But yes, let this writing journey begin now!  Here’s to 2017, and finishing the Hand of Rel!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading!  I’ll be back with another entry next Monday.  Keep that imagination kicking!  Please take care all, you all rock.  Cheers!

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