Writing Journey #8- What is Hand of Rel?

OKAY, SO WHAT IS THE Hand of Rel, and why am I writing it? If you haven’t read The Adventures of Rel Rel: Lost Mirror, go ahead and give it a listen here (it’s a short story that I wrote in 2013):

ANYWAYS, AT THE END of Lost Mirror Rel makes a wish, and nothing happens.  She puts her imagination away for a few years, and eventually stumbles upon the mirror and her doll, Lily, again on the eve of her 16th birthday.  And I animated this as a teaser:

SO, REL REL MAKES A WISH and ends up in the Muse Realm. She needs to find a way back home or be stranded forever.  The Muse Realm is made up of 5 Novels (worlds) and each is home to s specific Muse: Writer, Artist, Chef, Musician, and Creator.


CHEFS are feral,  muscular, with tanned skin and green, wavy hair, and walk on all fours. They’re 9 ft. tall but squat on hands and knees.  They live in a red, fiery desert (made up of pin sized jewels that sparkle and move like fire) and walk on all fours.  They have blood red eyes (iris and whites).


MUSICIANS are tall, skinny, lithe, with long features (kind of like birds) with pale skin and red spiky hair. 8 ft. tall. They live in a green, ethereal, fantasy world (like a ghost world) made of music, and have black eyes (the whites) and green irises.  They’re like mages.


ARTISTS are stocky, like gymnasts, with purple hair and dark brown skin. 7 ft. tall.  They are sea farers (with ninja like abilities), scarves with hands that mimic their movements, and live in a colorful world made of watercolors.


CREATORS are gentle featured, with round eyes, button noses, and white hair that curls at the end.  6 ft. tall.  They wear clothes with Clocks, Cards, Victorian/SteamPunk design sense, have clockwork wings, and wind up keys in their backs.  They live in an purple, icy world, full of mist and clouds.


WRITERS are the smallest of the races, with skinny bodies, blue dots for eyes, tanned skin, and long blue hair.  5 ft. tall.  They’re like Cowboys, with an Asian influence and wear primarily brown, red, or blue and have a lot of belts.  They live in a dark world made up of only letters (rocks, trees, etc. all move like an ocean of letters).

ALONG THE WAY Rel learns that she can transform into a Muse by wearing their clothes.  She gains their unique speech and abilities.

BUT YEAH THAT’S all for now.  Thanks so much if you read this far!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring the story to light soon.  I’m burning through the last few chapters, and it’s coming along great!  I’ll be back with another entry next Monday.  Keep that imagination kicking!  Please take care all, you all rock.  Cheers!

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