Writing Journey #10- Youtube Plans

MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL has been in flux since I first created it.  Even now I’m not sure what to do?  It was originally a hub for my animation.  Then I started Speed Drawings.  Then I started Drawing Talks.  Then I started writing and have since kind of abandoned it altogether.  I’ve also thought of vlogging and doing Let’s Plays?

THE ONE THING KEEPING me from doing most of these is that I don’t want to convolute the channel, you know?  Everyone has a Let’s Play channel dedicated to just them playing video games.  Others are dedicated to animation.  Or Speed Drawings.  Or reviews.  There aren’t too many people that do more than one thing on their channel.

THEN AGAIN, MOST PEOPLE stick to what they’re good at.  I like to write, draw, and I can animate.  The bad thing about it is that it splits my talent and my time between several different things.  That whole master of all, master of none, or however the saying goes.

I TRIED MY HAND at splitting my channel into different venues.  I had Hand of Rel for animation, J.J. for rants and Speed Drawings, and Hand of Rel Gaming for game related content.  The problem with that is I barely updated each one, and my following is so small that I was splitting viewership (what little I had) between 3 different channels.  And I could barely keep one channel up to date!

SO SPLITTING THE CHANNELS crashed and burned pretty hard.  I eventually went with the idea of just posting what ever the hell I want to my channel because well?  It’s my freaking channel!  I mean, if people liked my work they’d follow.  And if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t.

ALL THAT TO SAY I still have no idea what I plan for Youtube.  Okay, I have a vague idea.  I joined and was verified on VidMe, where I plan to ONLY post Hand of Rel related content.  But what I’d like to do, and what I’m planning as of this post, is to vlog more about writing (to keep it in line with my writing journey) and play games, on top of Speed Drawings.  I’ll have animations up every now and then.

SO I GUESS IT’LL be a channel dedicated to all the junk I like to do.  Yeah?  For the vlogs I plan to read blog posts I have here, to tie the website to my Youtube, in a visual manner.  I’ll play games because for me, video games actually help me stay creative (which is a whole other rant that I plan to do later) and I’m always excited to share games with people!  And I will try to concentrate my Speed Drawings on art related to Hand of Rel, so I can update the website with more content.  Same for animation.  For now, that’s the general idea.  The general focus I’d like to try and keep.

I’D LIKE TO QUOTE ONE of my friends on the Frederator Network, Jcomx.  He didn’t say this to me, but it’s something he posted and I felt like it was relevant 🙂

“Just do what you want. If you want to draw fan art, do it. If you want to draw your own art, do that instead. Followers will not bring you any lasting satisfaction, I promise, but a lifetime of drawing the art that you want to draw will. Keep a sharp eye out for opportunities, but don’t obsess over them or worry too much about it.”

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading!  I’ll be back with another entry next Monday.  Keep that imagination kicking!  Please take care all, you all rock.  Cheers!

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