Update: New Posting Schedule

I MADE SOME CHANGES to my upload schedule.  As of late, I’ve started to post a bit more to my Instagram, and plan to start consistently posting on my Youtube channel.  I will continue to post content to my blog, but with a bit more frequency.  This will pretty much be my schedule from now on, unless I have some other major life changes.

EDIT: 6/22/2017


-WEBSITE- Blog Updates on MONDAY
-MONDAY: Writing Journey, Updates, and Life Rants bi-weekly
-EVERY TUESDAY: Reviews and Opinions

-LAST FRIDAY: Drawing Talks every final Friday of the month

-TUESDAY: Speed Drawing bi-weekly

ALL RIGHT SO I REVAMPED my posting schedule.  Since I noticed my videos and posts don’t get as much traffic as I thought they were going to, I decided to reel it in and post Blog Updates on Monday, and Videos will go up to Youtube on Wednesdays.  The content will alternate.

BY THAT I MEAN Mondays I will blog about anything (Life Rants, Opinions, Reviews, etc.) and Wednesdays I will post a video (be it a Speed Drawing, Let’s Play N’ Draw, or the rare bit of Animation).  I still hope to have some sort of Drawing Talk every last Friday of the month.

SO THAT’S PRETTY MUCH how my posting schedule is going to be like.  I’ll update Instagram every day, except weekends.  On Youtube, I’ll have Let’s Play N’ Draw videos every week, Speed Drawings will be posted every other week, and I will try to have a Drawing Talk on the last Friday of the month.

AS FOR THE BLOG UPDATES on my website, I’d like to have Reviews and Opinion pieces every Tuesday.  Updates, Writing Journey, or Life Rants will alternate biweekly, so I’ll have one of each twice a month.  So some months I’ll have an Update and a Life Rant, and the following month I might post a Writing Journey and a Life Rant.  It’ll alternate and all that.  You know?  Hopefully, this way I will have weekly content across my 3 main social media platforms, and it will make things easier for me to keep up with.

OH, AND ON A FINAL NOTE I have been commissioned to do a comic! I will have more details in the coming months, but I have to say that I’m excited!  I’ll post images to Instagram before anywhere else.  Stay tuned all!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading!  Please be sure to follow the rest of my social media to stay up to date.  I’d really appreciate it.  Keep that imagination kicking!  Please take care all, you all rock.  Cheers!



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