Update: New Youtube Direction

EVER CHANGING as always. So I tried something new on my Youtube channel for the last few weeks or so with my Let’s play N’ Draw series (where I play a game and draw a thing). The initial plan was to post Let’s Play N’ Draws, Drawing Talks, and Speed Drawings every month. I wanted to try and consistently update Youtube on a more frequent basis. Also, I wanted to try and see if I could create some side income from my videos, since I can sorely use the money.

BUT WITH THE YouTube “Adpocalypse” things have changed. For those that don’t know, a bunch of advertisers on YouTube pulled their advertisements from the platform because they didn’t like their ads showing up next to racist/harmful videos. And it struck the site pretty hard since channels were now unable to make as much money as they use to, from YouTube alone.

NOW I WASN’T really making much money, to begin with. I mean my channel only has 306 subscribers, with only a few friends and loyal followers that actually watch my videos. But even with the small subscriber base, each of my videos at least made something, in the past. Yes it was a few cents here and there, but I felt like that would eventually add up to something somewhere down the line. It was a start. And I was hoping to grow.

MY LAST FEW VIDEOS have made no money, at all. Not a single penny. Which was really disappointing. Like I said I don’t make much, but I was hoping that with time there’d be some kind of growth. But now, I’m not so sure. So, as it stands YouTube is just a fun hobby, but can in no way help me financially or help me as I journey to finish my writing, and get my stories out there.

SO I HAVE DECIDED to shift gears and just let YouTube be a source of random uploads. I was planning to dedicate myself to the platform a lot more, but now with the adpocalypse, YouTube demonetizing content it deems harmful, and the platforms overall future unknown, I decided that I’d shift my focus to other things instead.

RIGHT NOW I’M working on a comic commission for a writer named Shlomo Kilius @RoboFist on Twitter. So far, it’s been fun! I’ve learned more about how far I can push my abilities, and I’m starting to feel more confidant in comicing. So much so that I plan to create a comic of my own, based on Hand of Rel. Just to see where it goes. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but never felt like I had the skills to pull it off.

SO MY NEW FOCUS will be based around comics and drawing. I plan to update Instagram with sketches and art progress per the usual, while I dedicate most of my time to comics and finishing my book. Youtube will mainly be there to add Speed Drawings to as I create panels or characters. That’ll be my new direction. I still plan to update this blog every Monday with my personal thoughts and rants about anything I find interesting.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading.  As always, keep that imagination kicking!  Please take care, you all rock.  Cheers!

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