Update: What a Bee! Studios

IT’S BEEN AN INTERESTING few months. A very busy few months!  I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished, as far as artwork is concerned. Firstly, I finished up some work for the Channel Frederator Network! A short animation for the Generation 2 Pokemon Collab and an Inktober Collab. Please check them out!  Oh, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet? But I was also made a LEADER on the Network Forums, which is really cool!  It basically just means I’m a moderator, but I like having the “Leader” title 🙂


SPEAKING OF INKTOBER, I actually made it through the whole month! It was definitely a struggle to keep up, but I’m proud of the amount of work I put into this years prompts! I did stagger a bit, was late on a few days, and barely scraped on through to the last day.  All in all I love how the drawings came out!

IT GAVE ME A NEW found appreciation for traditional artwork. I can’t remember that last time that I drew with a pen (aside from sketching with a blue Bic, but I mean ink-ink, you know)? And this is admittedly the first time that I’ve tried to push myself, as far as using Micron pens. I find that I can control ink a lot better traditionally, and when I went back to digital I was upset about how little control I still have over the Wacom Tablet. I really want a Cintiq.


ANOTHER REALLY COOL development is that I am now a Character Artist for What a Bee Studios! I’ll be doing turnarounds, character designs, and Key Art for What a Bee. The studio is run by my Frederator friend, EyeofSol.  She does animation reviews on Youtube.  I met her through the Network, and worked on her Season 3 rating animation, which was fun!

WE HAVE A FEW projects that we’re working on, but none that I can talk about. All in-house stuff right now, but hoping to eventually branch out with more outside creators.  What we primarily do is create pitch bibles for clients, so turnarounds, key art, storyboards, and all that.  Yes, cool stuff!


I AM ALSO STILL working on the Vigilante 101 comic with Steve Killius! It was supposed to be finished by October 2017, in time for the New York City Comic Con. However, there were some setbacks, and Steve decided to wait till next year.  So now I have time to fully flesh out the visuals, without the rush. It’s coming together slowly, but the final product is going to rock! I can’t wait till it’s done and I can show off not only my artwork, but the cool story that Steve has written!


AFTER THE WILD SUCCESS of INKtober, I decided to try something this month that I dubbed COMICvember! It was initially supposed to be just like INKtober, but I’d be doing a single-panel-comic every day. It sounded like a good idea!  Although, I only made it through 4 prompts the whole month. Mostly because…


THIS MONTH HAS ACTUALLY been really stressful. A lot went on, and I’m honestly emotionally drained from all of it. Just drama, dealing with people, and being accused of things that I didn’t do. I hate when people assume. There are some things that I wish that, if someone assumed something about me, they would come talk to me instead of jumping the gun and going straight to judgment. It caused an unnecessary hassle, an unnecessary headache, and stress that wasn’t needed. This also came right when…

MY WIFE STARTED a 2nd job, which by itself is really taking a toll on our family. I’m a stay at home dad that works online, which allows me to stay home and watch our 3 babies. My wife is the bread winner. She’s an amazingly hard worker, and I love her for that ❤

WE HAVE ONE CAR. I drive her to and from work, then take care of the kids, cook, clean, and all that good stuff. It’s not bad, but it is very exhausting.


I’M ON THE FINAL CHAPTER of the first Hand of Rel book, at 48, 998 words! I still have some things to add, but the rough draft will be finished within the next few days… unless I procrastinate and save it for the next month. But, I am determined to at least finish this book by the end of the year. And with 1 chapter left, I got this! I think?


AND LASTLY, my Youtube channel is still in flux. As always I have a general idea of what I want to do, and I am always flip-flopping on what exactly it is that I want my channel to be. I know I want it art related? So, for now, I feel like I would like to try and keep the channel alive with Daily Sketches, Let’s Play N’ Draws, Drawing Talk, and Speed Drawings. And the only time I ever animate is for Frederator collabs, but I’m hoping to start doing more on the side… Then again, in all honesty, I have a lot of stuff going on XD So only time will tell. If anything, my Youtube lacks a consistent schedule, which is reflected in its growth. Hoping to change that in the coming year!


AS I MOVE ALONG, I WOULD like to keep track of my social media growth. You know, so that I can look back and see how far I’ve come (or see how the numbers have stagnated horribly lol). Right now, here’s how things are looking. I’ve had a small uptick in follows, while Facebook is still stagnating (although that’s to be expected because I pretty much abandoned it for almost a year, and only recently started posting to it again):

Instagram– 95 Followers
Youtube– 323 Followers
Twitter– 247 Followers
Facebook– 156 Followers

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading.  As always, keep that imagination kicking!  Please take care, you all rock.  Cheers!

I recently bought Dragonball Xenoverse and Dishonored 2 and I’m loving them! I beat Xenoverse on the 17th, and I’m making my way through Dishonored 2. I really want to make a Drawing Talk about how video games encourage creativity, and how video games ARE NOT a waste of time. Just a thing to add to my to do list, but I’d really like to do a vid on these topics sometime next year.  I have high hopes for 2018!

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