Writing Journey #12- Done

Writing Journey 12

ONE OF MY MAJOR GOALS this year was to finish writing the Hand of Rel. A book that I’ve had in mind for a long time. Over the past few years I’ve created animations, speed drawings, sketches, and comics based around the idea. They give insight into what the full story will be, hints at something more complex, but they never truly capture the complete idea. It’s all just random ideas that make sense to me, but look like disjointed artwork to the rest of the world.

ON THE NIGHT OF December 14th, 2017 I sat down at my computer and decided to write. It’s the end of the year, and I was determined to finish the book. Just get it all written down. To have some type of tangible story, something that I could actually show off. Be it to an agent, a publisher, or if I ultimately decide to self publish or what not. You know? Just not, “Hey, I’m still writing. I’m almost done!” I just wanted it to be finished.

I HAD A FEW SPARSE CHAPTERS left to write. Just dialogue and descriptions that needed more fleshing out. And on the morning of December 15th, 2017, at around 5am, I wrote the final words and completed what I tentatively call Hand of Rel: One Wish. It’s 50,000 words long as of the writing of this post.

I WAS EXTREMELY excited! I went to bed tired but victorious. I awoke later that morning ready to read over the rough draft, to polish and get it ready to send off to publishers and agents. I want to go the traditional route with this book, if I can. I mean, I’m going to try. If anything there’s always self publishing, but I’ve tried that on several occasions. Traditional is what I want, now.


I NEEDED TO DROP MY WIFE OFF at work, and the morning of the 15th was just one of those days where it seems like everything was going wrong. It was 10:30 am and she needed to be at work by 11 am. This is usually the time that I get up, get my kids ready, and we all head out to drop mommy off. They were still asleep, and anytime I wake the beasts from their slumber, they wake up crying, upset, and uncooperative. Needless to say, they weren’t happy.

THE NIGHT BEFORE, WE HAD decided to buy pizza for dinner. A normal pepperoni for my son and daughter, and a mushroom, jalapeno, and pepperoni pizza for me and my wife. It was delicious! But because of that, I was in the bathroom all morning. It burned to go number 2.

SO WITH MY BATHROOM VISIT and my children crying and screaming, we were finally ready and in the car by 11 am. Both my wife and I were tired and frustrated. And when we finally got to her work, some lady drove out of one of the first set of parking lot isles, and cut me off! She wasn’t even looking before she pulled out, but looked at me as she swerved and cut me off. As I proceeded behind her, I was about to make a right into the next set or parking spaces, and she turned into the same isle and STOPPED her car in the middle of the isle! Without parking, anywhere. Just stopped. I had to swerve to miss her.

MY WIFE WAS A BIT LATE to work and I was fuming and upset. We said our goodbyes and I drove home. I headed to the internet where I chatted with my brother for a few hours, to clear my head. We had a nice long chat about life and how it seems like there’s just constantly bad things happening…

THEN, AT AROUND 1PM my brother texted me again and asked if I had talked to my mom or my sister? He was straight to the point and said I should see if my sister was okay: her boyfriend, Sean, had died in a car crash the night before. It took me a moment to adjust to what he wrote. Sean? Not the Sean that was at every one of our family parties, the Sean that my kids loved, the Sean that was always asking how I was doing, the Sean that was always by my sister’s side? That Sean? I didn’t believe it.

I HAD SEEN HIM THE OTHER DAY. I won’t recount everything here, but my family was devastated. Sean was a huge part of our lives. The news was sudden and unexpected. Even now I’m having trouble writing. I’m having trouble accepting it. And I don’t know what to do for my sister, except be there and try to do what I can for her.

I WAS OUT OF IT for the next few days. I’m still kind of out of it. I can’t imagine what my sister is going through. I eventually plan to write a separate post about my thoughts and feelings on my Personal Blog… We love you Sean. And we miss you.

AFTER THAT, I SLOWLY STARTED reading through my entire manuscript, again. It was difficult because my mind just wasn’t into it. But I had to finish. I polished it off, fixed some typos, and added small details here and there early this morning, December 18th 2017. It’s done. I’m finished. I think I’ll have a few beta readers look it over for errors, consistency, and all that. Then write a query letter and send it off to see if I can get it picked up. See how it goes. But it’s finished.

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