Update: 2018 Artistic Goals

IT’S 2018! A BRAND NEW year and a new set of goals. Farewell 2017, you will not be missed. Here’s to a new start, new ideas, and new accomplishments!

2nd BOOK

SO I MANAGED TO FINISH the first book, tentatively titled Hand of Rel: One Wish, by the end of last year. Goals baby, goals! I’m in the process of searching for an agent. I’ve sent out a bunch of query letters, and now it’s just the waiting game. I’ve received a few rejection letters but I’m hoping for some good news in the coming months! In the meantime, I plan to continue writing the story. Book two is in the works, and for now, I plan to call it Hand of Rel: Paper Cowboys!


THE NEXT THING ON MY 2018 agenda is to start consistently posting the Hand of Rel: Musings webcomic. It’s something that I am keeping simple so that I can easily keep up with it. Nothing too fancy, nothing too overwhelming. I’m hoping that this allows me to stay with it and not burn out.

I HAVE A FEW OTHER ideas for comics. One major, more in-depth, idea that I would like to eventually do is to take what I wrote for Hand of Rel: Musings and translate that into a more visual medium. But that’s a 50,000+ word book, so it would be a bit more involved. We’ll see.


I’VE HAD SEVERAL animation ideas in mind since I think 2013 that have music, voices, and animatics. I kept throwing them onto the back-burner because I eventually realized I suck at animation and just move on to other things. But over the last year or so, especially with the Sponge Bob collab, I’ve decided to embrace a more comic-like, still image-type, approach to my animation. And with that, I will finish these long-overdue projects!

I’M ALSO WORKING ON a few animation pitches for the Hand of Rel. It would be really neat, and so freaking rewarding, if I could get it picked up as a series or even a short. It’s a long shot, but I would like to try. I have a few avenues to look into, especially because of Frederator, so I shouldn’t squander that kind of opportunity!


WHEN WE LOST SEAN to the car accident in December, I was in a pretty bad place. I wrote to Sol and Steve and told them that I would be taking a step back from both What a Bee! Studios and Vigilante 101, respectively. I was having a difficult time and needed to sort everything out. Thoughts. Feelings. Goals. Ideology. Everything. I think that by the end of this February/early March, I will be ready to sit down and start working on their projects again. I may wait until the end of March. We’ll see. But I would really like to get back to it.


AS I MOVE ALONG, I WOULD like to keep track of my social media growth. You know, so that I can look back and see how far I’ve come (or see how the numbers have stagnated horribly lol). Right now, here’s how things are looking.

Instagram– 100 Followers

Youtube– 325 Followers

Twitter– 253 Followers

Facebook– 157 Followers

SO THAT’S THE PLAN for 2018! Here’s to a productive year. More art, more webcomics, more stories, more Hand of Rel!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading. As always, keep that imagination kicking! Please take care, you all rock. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Update: 2018 Artistic Goals

    1. Thanks so much dude 😀 To you as well! Let’s make this an amazingly artistic year for Hand of Rel and It’s A Trapp Productions 😉 And I will definitely hit you up if I need help with voice work! lol I just need to get on the ball and get everything ready. Thanks again, and thank you for reading!


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