Writing Journey #13- Muse Names

Hand of Rel Characters Lily

ANOTHER YEAR, another set of goals. If you haven’t checked out the latest update, please be sure to give it a look to see what I plan for good ol’ 2018 (although that may change because of Youtube’s new rule to have 1k subs and 4k hours of watch time, but that’s a rant for another time XD)! Anyways, so Rel Rel meets 5 different types of muses. I talk a little bit about this in my Writing Journey #8- What is Hand of Rel? if you’re interested to learn more!

ON THAT NOTE, today I will be talking about names in the Muse Realm. For awhile I was trying to figure out how I could create names that sound unique to my story? To Hand of Rel. I started by visiting baby name websites and choosing different types of names from various regions of the world. I narrowed it down to French, Latin, Scottish, Spanish, and other random names.

BUT EVEN WHEN I found some really interesting ones, it still felt too normal? I searched for mythical beings, angels, monsters, colors types, creature types, and anything else that seemed intriguing to try and find names that fit, but were still specific to my story. I couldn’t find any that felt right.

IN MY QUEST for unique names, I stumbled across a website where you can generate your “Elf” name. I can’t remember what the original site address was, but it mentioned something like female elves used an “uil” suffix and men used a “dil” suffix. Something like that. These aren’t the exact suffixes, but what struck me was adding an ending.

FROM THAT I FIGURED I could create unique names by taking the baby names and adding different suffixes. Now, I didn’t choose any specific ending to the names for any important reason. They’re just suffixes that I thought sounded cool, or rounded out the names. And I went from there.

HERE IS A LIST of the naming conventions that I used for the five types of muses in the Muse Realm:

Artists- Latin and Color

-Rowint roh-int “Rowen” Silver “Never swimming, always rowen home”
-Akiri uh-kear-E Midnight
-Septiri sep-tear-E Azure
-Kyraink kai-rink Grey
-Amenor ah-men-or “Amen” Azure
-Delmarint dal-muh-rint Raven
-Danteor don-teh-er Vermilion
-Chenint chen-int Azure

Female suffix- ri, ink
Male suffix- or, int

Creators- French and Clock Parts

-Lililion lee-lee-lee-yun Sprocket
-Chevaliedin sheh-vah-lyeh-din Sprocket
-Serenel seh-ree-nell Sprocket
-TyreeninTie-ree-nin Cogwheel
-Salinael  seh-lee-nee-el “Spinich” Mainsping

Female suffix- ion, el
Male suffix- din, nin

Musicians- Scottish and Music Forms

-Aileasiel ah-lee-see-ill Sprocket
-Elsieliel L-see-lee-ill “Elle” Lullaby
-Tirawen T-raw-win (roll the r) Sonata
-Thaneuil thayn-oo-ill Canon
-Padenuil pie-den-oo-will Canon
-Edinawen eh-dee-nuh-wen Canon
-Jamsinewen jam-SEEN-eh-wen “Jelly”

Female suffix- iel, wen
Male suffix- uil,nin

Writers- Names and Folklore

-Regaliad ree-gal-E-add Folklore
-Timrisio tim-riss-E-oh Folklore
-Abigailis ah-B-gail-iss Fable
-Cassidyill ca-seh-D-ill “Cass” Fable
-Virgilio ver-gil-E-oh Chenint Azure
-Draveniad dray-vin-E-id Legend

Female suffix- is, ill
Male suffix- iad, io

Chefs- Spanish and Cooking Technique

-Asheradan awsh-ruh-don Grilling
-Dashrigall dash-rih-gawl Grilling
-Laomagor lao-muh-gore “Lionheart” Butcher
-Jesenigall yeh-seh-nee-gall Marmalade
Serafinesh serah-fee-nish Savoy
-Galdrodan cal-droh-den Baker

Female suffix- gall, esh
Male suffix- dan, gor

THE FINAL WORD is their last name, each based on what type of muse they are.  So yeah! That’s how I came up with the different muse names in the story. Just take a name and add a suffix! And yes, there was no background for the Writers,  I kind of just chose names that sounded cool to me and added a suffix. Iono, it works for me. And that’s all that matters, you know?

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading!  What does your name sound like “MUSE”ified? Choose a muse type and just add a suffix from their type! Anywho, I’ll be back with another entry next Monday.  Keep that imagination kicking!  Please take care, you all rock.  Cheers!

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