Writing Journey #13- Muse Names

Hand of Rel Characters Lily

ANOTHER YEAR, another set of goals. If you haven’t checked out the latest update, please be sure to give it a look to see what I plan for good ol’ 2018 (although that may change because of Youtube’s new rule to have 1k subs and 4k hours of watch time, but that’s a rant for another time XD)! Anyways, so Rel Rel meets 5 different types of Muses. I talk a little bit about this in my Writing Journey #8- What is Hand of Rel? if you’re interested to learn more!

ON THAT NOTE, today I will be talking about names in the Muse Realm. For awhile I was trying to figure out how I could create names that sound unique to my story? To Hand of Rel. I started by visiting baby name websites and choosing different types of names from various regions of the world. I narrowed it down to French, Latin, Scottish, Spanish, and other random names.

BUT EVEN WHEN I found some really interesting ones, it still felt too normal? I searched for mythical beings, angels, monsters, colors types, creature types, and anything else that seemed intriguing to try and find names that fit, but were still specific to my story. I couldn’t find any that felt right.

IN MY QUEST for unique names, I stumbled across a website where you can generate your “Elf” name. I can’t remember what the original site address was, but it mentioned something like female elves used an “uil” suffix and men used a “dil” suffix. Something like that. These aren’t the exact suffixes, but what struck me was adding an ending.

FROM THAT I FIGURED I could create unique names by taking the baby names and adding different suffixes. Now, I didn’t choose any specific ending to the names for any important reason. They’re just suffixes that I thought sounded cool, or rounded out the names. And I went from there.

HERE IS A LIST of the naming conventions that I used for the five types of Muses in the Muse Realm:

Artists- Latin and Color

-Rowint roh-int “Rowen” Silver “Never swimming, always rowen home”
-Amenor ah-men-or “Amen” Azure
-Delmarint dal-muh-rint Raven
-Danteor don-teh-er Vermilion

Female suffix- ri, ink
Male suffix- or, int

Creators- French and Clock Parts

-Lililion lee-lee-lee-yun Sprocket
-Chevaliedin sheh-vah-lyeh-din Sprocket
-Serenel seh-ree-nell Sprocket
-TyreeninTie-ree-nin Cogwheel
-Salinael  seh-lee-nee-el “Spinich” Mainsping

Female suffix- ion, el
Male suffix- din, nin

Musicians- Scottish and Music Forms

-Aileasiel ah-lee-see-ill Sprocket
-Elsieliel L-see-lee-ill “Elle” Lullaby
-Tirawen T-raw-win (roll the r) Sonata
-Thaneuil thayn-oo-ill Canon
-Padenuil pie-den-oo-will Canon
-Edinawen eh-dee-nuh-wen Canon
-Keavyiel key-vee-ill Allegro
-Jamsinewen jam-SEEN-eh-wen “Jelly”

Female suffix- iel, wen
Male suffix- uil,nin

Writers- Names Chinese (ish) and Folklore

**edit 5-14-2018**

-Kirin kear-in Folklore
-Capus ca-piss Folklore
-Amokri ah-muh-cree Legend
-Penri pen-ree Fable
-Quillin qwill-in Fable
-Chenin chen-nin Azure
-Akiri uh-kear-E Midnight
-Sukiri soo-kear-E Azure
-Kairaill kai-ruh-ill Grey

Female- ri, ill
Male- in, us

-Regaliad ree-gal-E-add Folklore
-Timrisio tim-riss-E-oh Folklore
-Abigailis ah-B-gail-iss Fable
-Cassidyill ca-seh-D-ill “Cass” Fable
-Virgilio ver-gil-E-oh Chenint Azure
-Draveniad dray-vin-E-id Legend
Female suffix- is, ill
Male suffix- iad, io

Chefs- Spanish and Cooking Technique

-Asheradan awsh-ruh-don Grilling
-Dashrigall dash-rih-gawl Grilling
-Laomagor lao-muh-gore “Lionheart” Butcher
-Jesenigall yeh-seh-nee-gall Marmalade
-Serafinesh serah-fee-nish Savoy
-Galdrodan gal-droh-den Baker

Female suffix- gall, esh
Male suffix- dan, gor

THE FINAL WORD is their last name, each based on what type of Muse they are.  So yeah! That’s how I came up with the different Muse names in the story. Just take a name and add a suffix! And yes, there was no background for the Writers,  I kind of just chose names that sounded cool to me and added a suffix. Iono, it works for me. And that’s all that matters, you know?

**UPDATE 5-14-2018** I settled on the idea that a Writer’s base names is based on Chinese names. Ish? Some of them are, except of course for Kairaill (Japanese Kai) and Akiri and Sukiri (totally made up but based on Aki and Suki). Oh, and Amokri and Penri. Pretty much all the female names. Whatever, it’s my story!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading!  What does your name sound like “MUSE”ified? Choose a Muse type and just add a suffix from their type! Anywho, I’ll be back with another entry next Monday.  Keep that imagination kicking!  Please take care, you all rock.  Cheers!

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