Writing Journey #14- Accents


SO FAR IN MY WRITING JOURNEY I’ve talked about the Muses and creating Muse names. Along with their names, I also wanted them to speak with different accents. I freaking love accents! They’ve always fascinated me. Probably because I don’t have one

I’VE BEEN JUGGLING with the idea for awhile, and have sifted through various types of accents to accompany the different types of Muses.  French, Spanish, British, Russian, Western, West Country, Irish, and Scottish are by far some of my favorite accents in the world! Here’s what I have narrowed it down to.

**edit 5-14-2018**

CREATORS- British accent French accent

WRITERS- Western accent (like cowboys)

CHEFS- Spanish accent

MUSICIANS- Scottish accent

ARTISTS- West Country accent (like pirates) British Accent

WHILE I’M SET ON THESE accents, I’m still debating on the Creators? I’m flip-flopping between French or British accents. Both are fitting, and are particularly beautiful. Creators are royal and angelic, and I can picture these Muses speaking with both… But I am leaning more towards British because I’ve always pictured Emma Watson speaking for Lily (if there was ever an opportunity, so there is that).  Although she did play Belle in Beauty and the Beast, who happens to be French. But there was no French accent, so I digress. But yes, that’s why I lean more towards British, even though French is still a strong contender.

**UPDATE 5-14-2018** I decided that Creators have a French accent, freeing up the British accent for Artists.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading! I’ll be back with another entry next Monday.  Keep that imagination kicking! Please take care, you all rock.  Cheers!

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