Writing Journey #15- Months and Prefixes

SO IN THE MUSE REALM, I wanted Muses to have their own calendar year. Since I want them to be what inspires us (as muses should do) I created the Muse Calendar to run parallel to what we know. Rel Rel’s world is, however, a made-up amalgamation of ours, of course. Instead of Earth, she comes from a planet known as Threa. And instead of the usual title for dates, I made them sound a bit different. Why? Because it sounds cool. But you can still get the gist of what month it is.

ANYWHO, THERE ARE ONLY 5 months in the Muse Calendar. Each of the five months represents when the Muse’s influence over the chosen Architects (people that are inspired) is strongest.

Muse Calendar


-Janus jaw-nus

-Febrill feh-bree-ill

-Marus ma-russ


-Apriel op-ree-ill

-Mayuil may-U-ill


-Junri joon-ree

-Julint joo-lint

-Auguink awe-goo-ink


-Septegall sep-teh-gall

-Octodan ock-toe-den


-Noveel no-veh-L

-Deceion dee-see-on

So, from January (Janus) to March (Marus) Writers are at the height of their imagination, during Readmas.

From April (Apriel) to May (Mayuil), musicians are at the height of their musical creativity, during Songmas.

From June (Junri) to August (Auguink), artists are at the height of their creative endeavors, during Inkmas.

From September (Septegall) to October (Octodan), chefs and the culinary inclined are at the height of their cooking creativity during Servemas.

And From November (Noveel) to December (Deceion), tinkerers, and artists that work with their hands are at the height of their tinkering and engineering, during Clockmas.

SO THUSLY, ACCORDING to the Hand of Rel story, these are the best months to create if you are an artist! Is it true? No. No, of course not, I just made this up to create something cool! But it would be super sweet if it were the case. I mean as an artist and a writer, I’d love to have a few months where my creativity is in overdrive! Oh, the wishes we can wish.

OH, AND I GUESS, on an explanatory side note, I came up with the alternate names for the months, in the same way, I created the Muse names. By taking the first bit of the original word, and adding a suffix from one of the 5 different Muses.

“Our year revolves parallel to your own, except instead of 12 we have 5 months. Each dedicated to a specific Realm, in which the height of imagination is boosted for the various Architects in your world.” –


SO AS I STATED there are 5 different kinds of Muses in the Muse Realm. Some of them are Pure Muses, meaning their parents are of the same Muse type (Writer + Writer, Artist + Artist, etc.). Yes, Muses have parents! Anywho, some Muses have parents of different Muse types, known as Hybrid Muses. So for instance, the character Lily was born to a Creator and a Musician. A Muse’s primary type is denoted by their place of birth/origin. Since Lily was born in the Realm of Creators, Lily is simply known as a Creator.

BUT I CREATED prefixes that also denote their second type, as well. So, using Lily as an example again, since her mother was a Musician, she would be known as an Arcane Creator. Arcane being the prefix used in place of a Musician. Here’s a full list:

Chef- Sabre Ebras E-bruss

Writer- Revolver Volevere vawl-eh-vair

Artist- Dagger Eggdra eeg-druh

Creator- Shield Eldshi eld-shee

Musician- Arcane Ancrea awn-cree-uh

NOW THE SECOND WORD in the description (like Ebras and Volevere) is something I’m messing around with. It’s basically just the original word (like Sabre and Revolver) jumbled to create a new word. That’s always fun! So instead of being an Arcane Creator, Lily would be an Ancrea Creator. Which sounds pretty cool, but I may or may not go that direction? Cause Arcane Creator does have a really nice ring to it. Or maybe I’ll use the jumbled version as a title for something else down the line? I don’t know, we’ll see.


AS I MOVE ALONG, I WOULD like to keep track of my social media growth. You know, so that I can look back and see how far I’ve come (or see how the numbers have stagnated horribly lol). Right now, here’s how things are looking.

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