Update- All Part of the Plan


I HAVE A COMIC SERIESHand of Rel: Musings and Hand of Rel: Sinny, that haven’t been updated in a while. While Sinny is concluded, I still have plans and scripts set up for Musings! Musings, for the uninitiated, is a comic that follows Rel Rel’s conversations with various Muses. It gives me a chance to have fun with characters, and will allow me to showcase characters that may not show up until subsequent stories!

THIS WAY, I CAN introduce characters from any point in the Hand of Rel timeline! Their conversations won’t have too much bearing on the overall story since they’re just for entertainment purposes, but I do plan to have them be a part of the canon. Also, Rel’s age will change depending on the Muse she talks to, to reflect the timeline that character exists in.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING me on Instagram, you’ll know that I have plans for another comic series. Here are a few sketches of the upcoming comic:

THE PLAN FOR THIS new comic series is to follow a 15-year-old Rel Rel during her daily life called, Hand of Rel: Panic. Each episode will only be 2 pages long. Short and sweet. It’ll be a slice of life comic, where Rel Rel deals with people and struggles with severe social anxiety. It’s something I have been planning to create for a while. Mostly, because I battle with social anxiety daily, and it’s becoming pretty bad. I felt like it would make more sense to see and experience the social anxiety, in this case through Rel Rel’s eyes, instead of me creating long rants about my struggles in a video format.

FOR ME, IT’LL BE CATHARTIC, but I also hope it will be something people can relate to. Or at the very least, something that people will be able to enjoy and connect with, in some part. As for the placement of this in the chronological history of Hand of Rel, it will lead to the events that cause Rel Rel to fall into the Muse Realm.

I PLAN TO FINISH A GOOD BATCH of the comic before posting. I am notorious for not updating regularly, so I felt like it’d be easier to create a bunch, schedule them out, and have them posted weekly or biweekly. I will update Instagram with works in progress, sketches, and all that good stuff, so follow me there if you’d like to stay up to date! I’m hoping to begin posting comic pages to Tapas in maybe late September/early October. I should have a good deal ready by then.


SO WITH THE COMIC, I plan to do Speed Drawings for each comic page. I plan to talk about each comic and give insight into my social anxiety, and true stories that inspired them. I think it’ll be a fun way to not only talk about my struggles with anxiety, but a good way to connect with people and keep YouTube up to date with weekly videos. As with the comic, I plan to start releasing weekly content in late September/early October.

I WILL ALSO BE DOING IGTV videos on my Instagram page, where I finish sketches and talk a bit about the comic page along with commentary about my social anxiety. I figured it’d be cool to have sketch videos on Instagram, and then the finished Speed Drawing/clean up on YouTube. That way I hit my two main social media platforms with the content regularly! YEAH, SON, I have a plan 😉

ANOTHER IDEA THAT I am mulling around, just for fun, is playing games on my channel. Let’s Play stuff. I will have them Unlisted, so they don’t congest the main video feed, but I will have Playlists so that anyone interested can follow along if they want to. Once I have these recorded, I want to use them for more Let’s Play N’ Talk segments like I did for my Life Goals video on YouTube. It’ll allow me to rant about certain things, which will also keep the channel afloat with consistent uploads. I already have ideas like: Are Video games a Waste of Time?Do Video games Cause Violence?Video Games Inspire Creativity and all. I’m excited about it!

OR, ASIDE FROM JUST ranting about things (which I would like to do) I may also try to keep the channel focused on Hand of Rel by creating a segment called Let’s Play N’ WRITE! Where I use the Let’s Play footage as a background video, while I actually sit down and write my story. Iron out chapters, come up with ideas, flesh out parts of the book, and all that. I’ll try to talk my way through it, otherwise, it’d be a pretty boring video?

THESE ARE SOME IDEAS that I’m mulling around. My YouTube channel has been in flux for years, as most of you know. I do things, I stop doing other things, I waste time on something else, and then I go on hiatus as I try to figure everything else out. Maybe this will finally be the direction I stick to? Who knows. But let’s freaking do this! It’s all a journey. And as Gary Vee said, “Document, don’t create.”


AH YES. NOW THE BOOK is where all the cool stuff happens. I would totally create a comic based on the events of the novel, but I don’t think I’d be able to do it justice (artistically) and the book as of now is over 60,000 words, and I think it’d take me forever to even finish a comic based on this, by myself.

THAT BEING SAID, this is the true goal of all my work. I want to create the comics to have fun with the lore, but the Hand of Rel novel is essentially my life’s work, coming to fruition. It’s where everything gets crazy. Finally! Rel Rel is pulled into the Muse Realm, gains the ability to transform into different Muse Forms, and this is where she gets the HANDS that sprout from her back, that I have depicted all over the website, and in my intro for YouTube. Hence the name Hand of Rel.

HERE ARE A FEW of Rel’s Muse forms. I talk more about this in a previous Writing Journey postCheck it out!

AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE dates on these images, I have been developing this story for a long time. Those that have been following my Writing Journey posts know that I have been planning this since I was 13. So it’s been a long time. I’ve wasted too much time, but all that matters now is finishing and getting the story out there! It will span 4 books, and I want to have them done in the next few years. I’ve wasted too much time, I’m getting hella old, and I just need to finish. I can’t wait to share the story of Hand of Rel with all of you!


AS I MOVE ALONG, I WOULD like to keep track of my social media growth. You know, so that I can look back and see how far I’ve come (or see how the numbers have stagnated horribly lol). Right now, here’s how things are looking. My numbers have hit a bit of a decline.

Instagram– 133 (was 134) Followers

Youtube– 347 (was 352) Followers

Twitter– 258 (was 278) Followers

Facebook– 149 (was 151) Followers

I TOOK A BIT OF A HIT, but that’s understandable since I haven’t posted much on Youtube and I never post to Facebook (except when I auto post to all my social media). But I do post all the time to Instagram and Twitter, so that’s disappointing to see. But with the new plan, hopefully, this will rejuvenate everything, once I begin posting in late September!

IF YOU ENJOY my work, please feel free to support me with some Kofi! Any support is appreciated, but not necessary. It helps support me as a creator, so anything helps 😀 If you choose to buy me a coffee, I thank you, YOU ROCK!

THANK YOU FOR reading! Please like, subscribe, and all that good social media jazz, and do share this blog post with your friends! As always, I’m J.J. and I will be back next time with another post. You rock! Please take care, God bless. Bye~!

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