Kairi Fanart- Daily Doodle

I’m playing through Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, right now.

And with the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on the horizon, AT LAST, I decided to do some fanart of Kairi in her KH3 attire.

I’m okay with the new look. It’s all right. I’m excited about the new game, but she kinda looks younger than she did in Kingdom Hearts 2. Or is it just me? Maybe it’s the way her new haircut frames her face, perhaps? Making it look rounder? Something? Yeah? No? Just saying.

It seems like all the other characters, like Riku, Sora, and especially the members of Organization XIII (Axel is stacked like a BEAST!) look like they’ve all grown up. But Kairi looks like she’s grown… down? I was also hoping that she’d sport shorter hair, much like her original appearance, but that’s just me!

What do you think of Kairi’s new look? Are you a fan or were you, like me, expecting something different? In any case, I am still freaking stoked as balls for the new chapter to begin. I seriously cannot fu**ing wait! I just need to buy a PS4 before now and January 2019…

Thanks so much for reading, welcome welcome, and take care my friends. Also, be sure to like, subscribe, and share this post with everyone you know and love 😉 YOU ROCK~!

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