Inktober Day#1: Messy Hair- Daily Doodle

INKTOBER 2018 has begun! Are you participating this year? What’s your plan, your ideas, your strategies? Heh, I have to admit I was not ready for this to start. I busted this Inktober out, about an hour ago. I rushed it! I’m not happy with with how it turned out, though. You can tell I started to give up when I got to the horizontal lines on Rel’s bangs. I actually probably shouldn’t have added those, cause it looks like @$$ DX But I just needed to get something out. Just got to push it and keep going!

I USE TO HAVE A brilliant Tombow marker. It had a beautiful brush tip, and added a dark, thick layer of black. It wasn’t very streaky.  But now, I’m using a new type on Tombow marker, but the tip is smaller, and as you can see the ink doesn’t flow as well. I’m hoping that they sell the older Tombow that I use to have, because this new one is even starting to dry out! Although, there is a lot of black in this first Inktober drawing 😛

I DO NOT HAVE A PLAN for this year’s Inktober. I just have a whole SH** ton of sketches that would be fun to clean up and ink.  It does, however, save me the trouble of posting a sketch for my Daily Doodle, here. So it works out, I guess!

I FEEL A BIT RUSTY, since I haven’t inked anything since my Akumi fanart, on May 12th, 2018. Hoping that I get back into the flow later on, during the month. But I’m also bit ansty about this Inktober because I don’t have a plan. I must always have a plan! I planned out Inktober 2017 and Mermay 2018, and I’m happy with the results. Not too sure how I’ll feel about what I push out this October? But we’ll see!

AND WHILE I’M ON the subject of Inktober, my wife is trying to do all 31 days, as well! Here’s her adorable Day 1 for inktober. Check it out, and show her some love!

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