Inktober Day#2: Rydia- Daily Doodle

HERE IS MY INKTOBER of Rydia, from Final Fantasy IV, for Day 2! It’s one of my favorite Final Fantasy games, that I have never played. A story for another time! But yes, I drew this fanart because I am currently playing Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, and it’s really addicting! I learned that she’s a recruitable party member, from a past event. So you can’t recruit her, right now. At least not till they announce another event, featuring her character. It breaks man heart, dude! I love her design.

I AM WAY HAPPIER about how this days Inktober came out, than yesterdays. I guess I just needed to warm up a bit? But argh! I use Pigma Micron Pens. 01 for fine details. 03 for the main lines. And 05 for the dark areas. And my little boy, he’s only 1, likes to play with markers and draw on everything… he got ahold of my 01 Micon Pen and it vanished into the void. It’s gone. And like I said about Inktober yesterday, my Tombow is dying XD And it’s only Day 2!

I WAS PLANNING to ink in the rest of Rydia’s cape, and make it all black with a rim of white. Similar to the Opera Omnia reference artwork above. But, at that point I was like, I just need to finish this! If I learned anything from Inktober and Mermay, it’s that you just need to finish, and move on. If I sweat all the details I’ll worry about it and never post anything. And I still have the rest of Inktober to deal with, so I have to just keep moving, son!

HERE IS THE initial Daily Doodle sketch for Rydia!

AND HERE IS THE final inked version for Intober 2018 Day 2:


AND WHILE I’M ON the subject of Inktober, here’s my wife’s adorable Day 2 for Inktober ❤ Check it out, and show her some love!

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