Inktober Day#3: Terra- Daily Doodle

IT’S A BIT LATE but here’s Inktober Day 3, which is fanart of Terra from Final Fantasy VI. Just like Rydia, on the previous day, I decided to do some fanart of Terra because I’m playing Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. Terra has a super cool design. Thus, I felt the need to create something.  Yup.

THIS IS MY INITIAL sketch of Terra:

HERE’S THE FINISHED Inktober drawing of Terra from Final Fantasy VI. As you can tell from the sketch, she was supposed to be holding a sword. About midway through the inking process I decided screw it. I didn’t feel like drawing the sword. I guess she’s pretty much just lifting her hand for a fist bump or something. So here it is:

WHEW MAN, SO THIS Inktober was a bit late because today was just rather bleh.  Sigh, freaking geez man… Sometimes I don’t even know. Um, first off I have a headache.  Also, my wife started a new job, and it was long, tiring, and she was treated like crap by an employee. So not a great start to a new beginning.  My three babies were extra whiny today, too, so I’m exhausted from that.

AND NOT MORE THAN 20 minutes ago, I had a glass of tea on a small desk next to my PC. My daughter thought it’d be a good idea to kick her brothers big dump-truck-toy into the desk… sending the cup flying onto the floor, shattering. Glass all over the place, tea running across the floor. Oh, and then my son thought it would be smart to run towards the glass, for some reason. After I told him to stay away, so I could clean it up. So there was a lot of yelling. And crying. Sigh, freaking hell man… Sometimes I wonder what goes through their minds. I mean why? What even? Sigh, and I think I have a piece of glass in my foot. Sh**.

SO SUFFICE IT TO SAY I’m also pretty irritated. It’s just been a long freaking day… I’m worn out and my wife isn’t excited to face the 2nd day at her new job. Sometimes we wish we could just vanish… Honestly I’m so tired of everything. I think I might have to go get therapy or something, cause it’s getting really, really hard to quiet my mind, clear my thoughts, and relax. I’m just tired…

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