Inktober Day#4: Spinach- Daily Doodle

OKAY SO HERE ARE Days 4 and 5 for Inktober. I’m a bit behind, but I decided to take a few days to settle my mind and take care of some things. It’s time to play catch up. I already have my sketches set aside, they just need to be inked. Anywho, the first of my sketches is a character from Hand of Rel, Spinich. One of five main bad guys that Rel needs to face, later on in the story.

I INITIALLY SKETCHED a quick doodle of Spinich because I plan to use her in an upcoming Hand of Rel: Musings episode. That one should be up soon. So I will be moving into digital cleanup in the next few days. She’s supposed to be wearing a snake-like masquerade mask, but I decided to just draw her without it for Inktober. I’ll be adding it in for her comic appearance. Oh, and I don’t know why I keep freaking spelling her name without the a? It’s supposed to be SpinAch, Not SpinIch T_T

AND HERE’S Inktober Day 4:

FOR DAY 5 OF INKTOBER, I decided to ink the new logo for the site. I love how this came out, but I wish I could get rid of all the light gray lines. I tried to get rid of them using levels, but there’s still a bit left.

AND HERE’S Inktober Day 5:

SO HOW ARE YOU DOING? Well? Hope things are good. Me… honestly I’m tired. Exhausted. And weary. Everything seems to be getting to me. My social anxiety is off the charts, right now. And I am so freaking tired of dealing with people on a daily basis. Like, society in general. It’s getting pretty bad. My wife’s new job is more taxing than we had hoped it would be, and she’s been coming home more tired and upset. Can’t say if the change is better than her last job, which was terrible, but we will see. My kids are driving me up the freaking wall, and there are a few things that my wife and I are waiting for, to fall into place, so we can find a small apartment or townhouse, and begin to move in a new direction. The wait is killing me… But all we can do is wait, and pray, and just keep doing what we’re doing. Whew… I feel so drained…

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