Update- Lost Chapters

SO I RECENTLY STARTED writing the final chapters of the first Hand of Rel book.  And as I have been writing, and trying to finish things at last, I realize that I’ve written chapters and stories that will never be published (traditionally or self). Things that I’ve cut out or decided not to include in the final cuts of the story. Which is a shame, cause some of them were fun, but as all creators know, sometimes you need to get rid of the extra fluff.

THE LOST CHAPTERS will consist of various stories, set in the Hand of Rel universe, from different points in the timeline. I plan to post a page, about once a week. I’ll also be telling stories that I had planned for the Hand of Rel: Musings comics, along with lore, backstory, and side quest adventures. This will allow me to have fun with the story, get it out there, and also have my website serve an actual purpose.

UP UNTIL NOW I have been drawing things, animating here and there, and constantly thinking, “Okay this is some teaser stuff. But when I finish the book, then I’ll write about all the good stuff! Just wait, it’s coming soon!” But as the years have gone by, and time has sped away, I don’t know when that will be. And if I ever land an agent, a publisher, or a deal of some sort, it could be another few years before the book itself sees the light of day. And with time running out, since life is so freaking short, I should start getting my story and content out there, even if I plan for the major events to be in the books.

THE FIRST OF THE Lost Chapters that I plan to upload is the original story, Lost Mirror. It was published under a small Ebook publisher. But I wasn’t happy with the end result. Mostly because the book was edited, but a lot of glaring typos were left in the final product. We also fought the publisher over some image issues, and in the end it was too much of a headache to deal with. So when time was up, I decided to end our contract with the publisher. It’ll probably never be published anywhere else, again, so I thought it’d have a nice home here on the website.

STORIES ARE ALWAYS being told online. Like Youtube videos, webcomics, fan videos, fan animation, original animation,  and on and on. People grow their brand, their stories, and their work by just putting it out there. It’s something that I’ve been looking into, but I never really thought of doing that with my stories. With my writing. My artwork and animation has always been a way to tease what I’ve been working on, in the meantime, while I wrote and finished the book. But I stumbled upon Web Novels the other day, something I had never heard of, and had a kind of “aha moment”. Why not just do that with some of my writing? I’ve been trying to do the same thing, only with webcomics, artwork, and animation. But writing has always been my passion.

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