Inktober Day#7: Shantae Rel Rel- Daily Doodle

OKAY SO HERE IS Inktober Day 7! This is Rel Rel dressed as Shantae, the main heroin in the Shantae: Half Genie Hero video game, by Wayforward! I bought it on Steam a while ago, and it is really entertaining! I love the adorable characters, the designs, the vibrant colors, and the quirky little animations that every character has. So freaking cute!

HERE IS THE initial sketch of Rel Rel as Shantae:

AND HERE IS Inktober Day 7:

WHEN I WAS INKING Shantae Rel Rel, I felt like I’d gone too far with the black ink. Since I started this Inktober, I kept telling myself, “Not to fear the darkness,” with every drawing I finished. And of course by darkness I mean the ink. But now that I look at it, next to the other pieces I’ve done so far for Inktober, I realize that I didn’t go far enough? There are a lot of areas that I could have inked, but left them white or untouched. Dang it, I was too afraid of the dark on this one, I guess…

NEEDLESS TO SAY I am not very happy with how this entry into Inktober turned out. I wish I added a few more details, held off on the black areas in some places (like her belt) and inked more other general areas (like most of her hair). But, just got to learn and move on.

I AM PLANNING TO DO a Let’s Play N’ Draw of Shantae: Half Genie Hero, and will clean this sketch up digitally! Hopefully, that finished drawing will turn out better than this one did. Especially since I have more of an idea of where I want the ink to be the heaviest.

SO HOW ARE YOU doing? Well, I hope. For me, things are better today. My cousin, Sahim, decided to get me and my wife a full year of PS+! He’s so freaking awesome, dude! We headed over to his house to visit for a bit, set up TVs side by side, and played Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for a few hours. It was so nice to play games and unwind for a bit. You rock Sahim! He’s starting a Let’s Play Twitch channel, so I will be giving a shout out to his channel soon!

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