Inktober Day#8: The Flame in the Flood- Daily Doodle

ANOTHER WEEK, another attempt at keeping up with Inktober! For Day 8, I decided to clean up a sketch of Rel Rel that I did while playing the video game, The Flame in the Flood. It’s a pretty addicting survival game that I picked up on Steam awhile back. I still haven’t beaten it, yet! It’s really difficult to stay alive, really easy to die, but it’s entertaining none the less.

I PLAN TO DO A Let’s Play N’ Draw for The Flame in the Flood, while I clean up this Inktober sketch. Digitally, of course. Anywho, The Flame in the FLood is definitely something you should check out! Especially if you like crafting, enjoy exploring, trying to survive, and dying. Dying in a lot of different ways. Like, a lot, a lot. Constantly, and over and over. But it’s a grand ol’ time!

HERE’S THE initial sketch of The Flame in the Flood Rel Rel:

AND HERE’S Inktober Day 8:

MAN, SO I AM extremely behind on Inktober. What’s today, the 15th? So that’s like 7 drawings behind, now. Ah well, whatever. I’m pretty much using this month as an excuse to ink some sketches, and keep my blog up and running, anyways! I’m still going to catch up, but like I said before, I’ll probably let it bleed into November, and I’ll finish up Inktober with a few weeks to spare. Or something. I don’t know. We’ll see. What I do know, is that I still have a bunch of sketches I plan to clean up!

SO HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND? How are things? Good, I hope. I’m holding on, I guess. My mind still feels like it’s never rested, always drowning in social anxiety and negative thoughts, and leaving the house has become a horrific chore. I can’t stand being around crowds right now… But I’m working through my own social anxiety, and trying to stay positive. Although, if I’m being truthful, positivity always feels like I’m lying to myself? Since I’m telling myself things that my mind knows aren’t true, in an attempt to keep my sanity… Ha… but that’s a totally different topic for another day.

IN ANY CASE, I do hope you’re doing well. I vent from time to time, because I’m a negative person. A glass is half full, so why bother, kind of guy. I do try to send out positive vibes through the work that I do, but I also want to keep it real and say what’s really on my mind. Not just throw out positive thoughts for the sake of positive thoughts, you know? My mind is full of negative energy, so it’s better to voice it out, rather than let it sit and fester upstairs, you know? And I usually throw that energy into writing, art, and video games. They keep me sane.

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