Inktober Day#10: Rel Rel Age 18- Daily Doodle

SWEET, SO I’VE MADE it to the (so far) half way point! And by that, I mean half of the first 23 days 😛 Ish. About? This is Day 10 of Inktober, Rel Rel at Age 18.  So the idea for this design is that Rel Rel is masquerading as a Creator Muse. They look like porcelain dolls, and have a steampunk/Victorian era sense of style. Although, I feel like her head is a bit too big DX But it’s something that I will adjust in the digital phase.

HERE’S THE INITIAL sketch of Rel Rel:

Rel Rel 18 Yrs old

HERE’S INKTOBER Day 10, Rel Rel at 18-years-old:

THERE ARE A FEW added details, via my youngest son. He’s 1, and finally learned how to pick up a marker… and draw all over everything XD And I forgot to pick up my sketchbook. But, it could have been worse! All in all, I’m okay with how this turned out, aside from the size of her head.

HOW ARE YOU DOING? For me, today is a bit better. My head is in a better place than it’s been in a few days, and I am working towards a bit more positivity! This will probably last only for a spell, but it’s nice to find pockets of good days, even though there are a lot of bad. My wife is also doing a lot better at work. She’s getting into the groove of the position, and we are slowly counting down the days until we can finally move out! Hopefully soon. Ideally in the next month, if everything falls into place? Here’s hoping ❤

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