Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Wish List- Opinion

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 is one of my favorite games (loved the first one, as well)! The action is addicting, the story is entertaining, and I love exploring and collecting all the clothes and attacks. Alas, I had to start from scratch twice. I had a level 86 human on my PC. I let my daughter play a few times, and she loved to customize! One day, I went into the game and my character was gone… and replaced with a female Majin O_O I also had to restart when I recently bought the game on PS4! I had a blast playing through it, all over again, though. Now, I have a level 90 character, named Rel Rel, of course.

ANYWHO, SO I’VE PLAYED and beaten the main game more than several times. I love it! And while I enjoy almost everything in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, there are some aspects that I would change. Or add? Or just tweak a bit. So, I made a list of 10 things that I wish were changed. They may not be what everyone would change or even want, but these are all my personal preferences. A lot are simply aesthetic, and not so much gameplay wise, but still…

HERE IS MY WISHLIST, in no particular order! What would you want to change or add to the game (if you play)?

Different Images for Super & Ultimate Attacks

SO WHENEVER I PLAY THOUGH the Parallel Quests, I’m always excited to see what new Super Attack or Ultimate Attack I can get from beating the level! But they’re both the same color, with the same icon? So, I never know what I’m getting. A Super Attack? Or an Ultimate? I wish that they at least had different colors, or different blast styles, for the images? Something to differentiate them from one another.

Menu Icons

I GET KIND OF confused whenever I open up the menu. I mean, not confused, but I wish that there were better indicators for what each menu item is. Like a very unique and specific icon, so that you can just jump into each menu, visually, without having to read or memorize the option positions. Yes, there’s only a few to choose from, so it isn’t that hard to find what you’re looking for. But I’m not sure what the default symbol means, but why are they all the same? Like the Super and Ultimate Attacks, I wish there was a clear delineation between the different menu options.

More than One Super Soul

SO NEAR THE END of the game, I was able found two Super Souls that would go brilliant together! Android 18’s Give Me 20 Million Zeni Super Soul (which doubles zeni gained) and South Kai’s 40 Ton Weights Super Soul (which boosts your overall score). I would love to combine these! And imagine the possibility of merging other Super Souls, Like Broly’s or Gogeta’s, together? You’d be a fighting monster. No? A devil!

Non-Disruptive Cutscenes

THIS IS ONE OF the most frustrating aspects of the game, for me. As I said, I love Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! But this seems to happen every time I am trying to fully charge my ki or when I’m performing an Ultimate Attack. Freaking always! My character gets into position, I get a cut scene for my Ultimate, and then? A new character enters the fight, my ki vanishes, and the Ultimate Attack is wasted. What the actual f***, dude?

I JUST WISH THAT a little, non-disruptive, window would pop out and show the entrance of the new character! Why does all the action have to stop, mid-battle, just to introduce someone new? Every. Single. Time. Why can’t it be similar to the way Ultimate Attacks work? They don’t halt everything in the middle of the skirmish. A pop up with the character’s face appears on the screen, and destruction is unleashed. Nothing stops. Nothing pauses in the middle of you charging, attacking, and unleashing fireball-goodness. The cut scenes, as they are now, just bring everything to a screeching, unnecessary, halt.

Mentor Clothes Reward

I ALWAYS THOUGHT it’d be fun if you were able to train with certain characters, and aside from just getting their Super or Ultimate Attacks, you could also get a piece of their unique clothing. Something that you can get, only by training with them. Like during each mission, you get the headpiece, then during the next mission the boots and gloves, then the lower body, and finally the upper body. I think it’d make the mentor training a bit more intimate, in a way. Maybe even gain a special Super Soul for completing their training? Or something. I don’t know, but you can never go wrong with more clothes.

SPEAKING OF CLOTHES, I think it would also be cool if you could add decoration and decals to clothing. I mean, right now, there are various sets of the same clothes, just with different symbols. Like the Capsule Corp. logo, or the Whis squiggle, or the Ginyu Force emblem. And for each new symbol, there’s a brand new set of clothes. Why not just add swappable decals for one piece of clothing, and save on inventory space?

Change Mentor Clothes

I KNOW THAT THIS IS already a thing in the Japanese version of the game. At least, I think so? Never confirmed it, but I read about it online. I also know you can give bikini’s to Videl18, and Towa, as gifts. Word dude! Anywho, I wish that you could change all your trainer’s clothing, like the way you do with your own created character. So that, during Parallel Quests, or when your master comes to save you in battle, you’d be fighting, side by side, in a matching set of gear! That is the definition of epic, my friend. It really is.

WITH A NAME like Partner Customization, I was looking forward to customizing the clothes, and colors, for my mentor’s outfit. Yes, they’d all be clad in maybe bikinis or swim trunks, but it’s my team! We need to dress the part. I’d dress my brigade in Cooler’s Armored Squadron gear, Majin Buu’s clothes, Broly’s clothes, or Gogeta and Gotenk’s clothes! We’d be rockin’, I tell ya.

Supervillain Transformation

THE SAIYANS HAVE a nice handful of transformations like Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, and Super Vegeta. And humans get the flying nimbus. Which is still cool! But I would like to have more than that, you know? A sweet transformation, especially for humans, would be the ability to use the Supervillain form! Every character that gets the cool, glowing, supervillain, purple aura is immediately stronger and more bad @$$! Why isn’t this a transformation that you can use? That or Ultra Instinct. Gah, that would be freaking amazing!

AND I GUESS ON A side, kind of related, note, I wish that the Majin race allowed you to transform into a version that still resembled your created character? Not just a model swap with Kid Buu. You know, something more akin to the Saiyan transformations. Still you, still buu, but with more power!

More Wigs

THERE’S A SMALL HANDFUL of wigs in the game. Like Goku’sVegeta’sLaunch’s, and even freaking Hercule, and Master Shan’s wigs! But I wish there was more variety. Like, where’s WhisYamchaCauliflaKaleKeflaTrunksMira, or freaking Towa’s wig (I’m still upset you can’t get a full set of clothes identical to the one Towa wears)? There’s a lot of missing hairstyles, and it would be nice to be able to sport them, at different times, without having to create a whole new character. Even then, not all hairstyles are possible.

Kais, Destroyers, Angels, and Demon Races

MY WIFE IS A HUGE FAN of Whis. She loves him and she wishes that she could dress her character up in his clothes, with his hair. But they don’t exist, in-game :/ As of the writing of this post, that is. We thought it’d be pretty sweet if they expanded the race menu to contain Kais, Destroyers, Angels, and Demons!

OR IF NOT A RACE on its own, maybe a transformation? Or a level that you can reach, through training? Since it’s been said in Dragon Ball Super that someone can attain the level of a Destroyer. I mean, any excuse to have their clothes, hair, and gain their abilities is a win. That’s always fun times, son!

Super & Ultimate Character Descriptions

ONCE I WAS AT THE END of the game, I had a whole s*** ton of skills. And at some point, I lost track of what each one did, which character used it, and where I even got it from! I’d vaguely remember getting a move from a character, that I was interested in using again, but I was lost because I just could not keep track of all the damn names!

FOR EXAMPLE, I wanted Broly’s Blaster Shell Super Attack. But I couldn’t remember the name? So, since I thought of what Broly’s moves could be named, I thought the attack I wanted was Murder Grenade. Because, you know, Blaster Shell throws out several green orbs of light, that explode like grenades. That and Broly is always talking about killing everyone. Murder Grenade made sense! It still makes more sense than Blaster Shell.

I WISH THAT EACH SKILL had a name attached to it, or even just a name in the description, so I’d be able to find and identify a certain group of skills, used by one character. Like with the Supernova Cooler Ultimate. Or, at the very least, I’d like to be able to disregard the useless attacks, by characters, that I think suck. You know, like KrillinYamcha, and Tien. F*** their move sets! Another helpful option would have been a small video that accompanied the skill, that showed you exactly what it did.

ALSO, I THINK THE ABILITY to create a favorites list would have been helpful, too. There are so many skills that it’s difficult to keep track of what you have and what they do. It would help clear the clutter, and maybe keep your favorite attacks at the top, or in a separate category, making everything easier to find. Because I only have a small handful of Super and Ultimate Attacks that I find useful, and I’d like to easily select and keep track of them. Screw the rest!

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