Moving My Blog Off-Site- Update

**edit 10/14/2019- I actually moved everything from Book Puppet back to Hand of Rel. So please disregard this post, and read these posts on my Personal Blog.**

HAND OF REL.COM will now only be specific to my art and Hand of Rel related material. I am moving all of my rants, reviews, and other blogs to a new website, titled Book Puppet. Book Puppet is also my new moniker, my online pseudonym I guess, or online presence, that I will use as I move forward.

OVER THE YEARS I have bounced my work to and from Hand of Rel. The initial idea was to post my random thoughts in order to keep Hand of Rel updated with a constant flow of content. But I realize that all of my blogs and opinions also detract from what I hoped this website would be, so I decided to transfer everything to a place where I can rant to my hearts content!

I ALSO HAVE A NEW Twitter and a new Instagram for Book Puppet so please give them a like and a follow as well!

I WILL STILL POST MY Daily Doodles here on Hand of, which will be nested within my About me section, so it doesn’t detract from the rest of the website.

IN OTHER NEWS, I plan to post work on Wattpad, soon. My idea is to upload pages on Wattpad, once a week. Just a page. And when those pages complete a chapter, I will post the entire chapter here on Hand of Rel.  Or maybe I can post pages on Wattpad, and post the whole chapter here on Hand of Rel first, to give people incentive to come and visit the site? Or post a page on Hand of Rel, and then post the pages on Wattpad a few days later? I don’t know, still planning it out… but the point is that I am going to write a new Hand of Rel Web Novel on Wattpad.

I MEAN, I AM TRYING to write a book titled Hand of Rel. And I have no freaking idea when it will be available. I would like to go the traditional route, but that could be another few years from now? Or more. And I keep saying I’m going to draw webcomics, and animate stuff, all based on the Hand of Rel… but like I’ve said before, I want to write, and be known as a writer. So why not start writing, getting my name out there, and posting my work for the world to finally see? I don’t have much time left. I’m getting old. No one really knows how long they have, so I’d better start putting it out there before my time runs out.

THAT IS IT FOR NOW! I hope you all had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends! Take care all, God bless.

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THANKS SO MUCH for reading, welcome welcome, and take care my friends. Also, be sure to like, subscribe, and share this post with everyone you know and love 😉 YOU ROCK~!

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