Hand of Rel Timeline- Writing Journey #18

I’M SETTING UP OUTLINES and preparing to just bust these stories out. Over the last year, especially, I’ve started writing and gearing up to finish this because I feel like I’m running out of time. And I’ve taken too much time, to write this.

A CREATIVE FRIEND, Adelle Yeung (the voice behind Rel Rel in my Youtube videos) recently signed with an agent. That’s so freaking cool, man! Landing an agent isn’t easy. So a part of me is uber jelly, but also happy for her because she has been writing and working her @$$ off to finish her stories. Congrats to her! She’s written and finished her Cycle of the Six Moons series, and written three other original stories (the premise for each one sounds freaking cool!).

IT MADE ME REALIZE that I have parts of my books written, but have only finished and published (or was published, I should say) one book. I need to get on the ball, son! I cannot believe how much time has already passed… and how fast life is moving? Too fast.

I HAVE THE STORY already planned out. The whole series. I know how it starts and where it ends. I’ve actually had them written in my head for years. Since around 2005, actually, so it’s high time to finish it, dammit! All I have to do is write it down.

SO MY PLAN FOR THE SERIES is to write two stories on Wattpad. They will be updated weekly, and will allow me to write, get my story out, and set the foundation for the Hand of Rel series, while I am writing the core novels. That way, I get my work and my story out there, without having to say, “Well, when it’s published…?” and all that. As for the four main novels in the Hand of Rel saga, I want to publish those traditionally. Here’s a rough idea of where things will be going.

Hand of Rel: LOST MIRROR

OBVIOUSLY, LOST MIRROR is the beginning of the story. It sets up Rel Rel, her past, her relation with Lily, and the mirror.  As I’ve said before, this book has already been published.  So, since it’s been taken out of circulation, I have already posted the whole story here on Hand of Rel. I will be posting the chapters on Wattpad, as well.


SOCIAL PANIC IS BASED OFF an idea I had for a web comic. It will follow Rel Rel’s everyday life, as she deals with people and severe social anxiety. It’s pretty much a way for me to vent my frustrations on society, through writing. It’s more slice of life than anything else, since there won’t be any fantasy elements. I still might create a web comic based on Social Panic, but I figured if I want to write, I may as well just write it as a story instead of a webcomic? I plan to publish this on Wattpad, too. Rel Rel is 15-years-old, here.


THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK that I am writing that will actually have some baring on all the ideas I’ve been mulling around. I know that I talk about mirrors, and wishes, and Muses, and all that, here on Hand of Rel. But, story wise, all of those ideas have just been things I’ve been tossing around as “coming soon” stuff. While Social Panic will be an easier story for me to write, since I plan to update each week, Watcher’s Paradox will be the main story that I will publish on Wattpad, that actually has some connection the to overall Hand of Rel saga. That’s not to say that Social Panic won’t be canon,  but that one will be more slice of life, while the rest is more of a fantasy tale. This story will actually show a 35-year-old Rel Rel, with a son and daughter.

Hand of Rel: ONE WISH

ONE WISH IS THE STORY that my website has revolved around. All the artwork, Youtube videos, and ideas that I have presented so far have been about One Wish. This is the story where Rel Rel falls into the Muse Realm. One Wish kicks off the events of the entire series.  I finished writing it last year, when Sean passed. This is the first book that I hope to have traditionally published. It takes place on the eve of Rel Rel’s 16th birthday.


THE KEEPER’S FOLLY is based on a book I wrote a long time ago. It will essentially be the polished, finished version of the story I wrote when I was 13-years-old.  Characters have been reworked, scenarios cut, and ideas streamlined, but it will follow the events of what I had initially planned. Rel Rel must make amends for her decisions in One Wish. These events take place when Rel Rel is 17-years-old.

Hand of Rel: 2ND IMPACT

2ND IMPACT IS GOING TO be the book where the events of Watcher’s Paradox finally come to a head. While Watcher’s Paradox will resolve the core story on it’s own, of course, I will revisit that setup and bring things to an epic conclusion, here. Rel Rel is 18-years-old when 2nd Impact takes place.

Hand of Rel: REQUIEM

REQUIEM IS THE STORY that I am most excited to write. It’s the end. The finale. Where everything just goes nuts! I’ve had this story planned out, written in my head, and ready to be put on paper, for ages. I have an entire playlist dedicated to this one book, where each song is specific to every chapter. I’ve seen the events in my head play over and over… and I am writing all the books in such a way, that they build to this one moment. So excited to write it! In this final story, I plan for Rel Rel to be 21-years-old, when the books conclude.

I HAVE A FOCUS. I have a destination. I know what needs to be done. Let’s write this sh**!

IF YOU ENJOY my work, please feel free to support me with some Kofi! Any support is appreciated, but not necessary 😉 It helps support me as a creator, so anything helps 😀 If you choose to buy me a coffee, I thank you, YOU ROCK!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading! I’ll be back with another entry next Monday.  Keep that imagination kicking! Please take care, you all rock. Cheers!

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